Gotobus Grocery Delivery Service is Available in Boston Area

48-hour grocery delivery
GotoBus Grocery Delivery Service is Available in Boston Area

During a time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders in place for most of the country, customers have generated unprecedented demand for grocery delivery. GotoBus purpose is to “provide a better online shopping experience and make travel easy.” Throughout the pandemic, there’s a shortage of delivery services for groceries and essential goods. We believe that a trip to the supermarket could now be a challenging and concerning endeavor for our customers.

Hence, we have chosen to support our local community by connecting bus drivers, local markets, and our valued customers. Our top priority has always been the safety and comforts of customers and employees, while also working around the clock to expand services.

Kam Man Food logo
Kam Man Food

GotoBus is collaborating with local supermarket chain “Kam Man Food” in the Boston area. We launched the service on May 4th, 2020, and have already provided hundreds of essential fresh grocery options to online shoppers.

We offer a 48-hour delivery service during this challenging period so that our customers can get access to essential goods in a fast and efficient manner. This also provides our local drivers with secure job opportunities and income, to get through this unprecedented crisis.

Stay well. Stay safe. Thank you for being a part of the GotoBus family. We will see you riding soon.

End of Summer Playtime for the Whole Family

Playtime for the whole family. One more trip before the summer ends, please!

End of Summer Playtime for the Whole Family
Summer Fountain Fun

Alas! Summer is coming to an end, and, as always, it was too short. Kids are dreading the approach of the school year, and their parents are wishing they had one last opportunity to escape the stresses of work and enjoy the beautiful weather. Fortunately, there is still time to book a perfect family getaway and end the summer with a bit of playtime for the whole family. Below, we have listed some of our favorite cities, each with one amazing playground for the kids and a nightlife event for the adults.

New York City

Teardrop Park

A section of the larger Tribeca, Manhattan, this is not a traditional playground, with swings and jungle-gyms, although there is a large slide that is sure to leave your kids laughing. Teardrop Park is marked by heaving rock formations that help to hide the surrounding city, giving this place an atmosphere of calm seclusion amid the hustle-and-bustle of the country’s busiest city. Along with the slide, the park features a large sandbox area, a tunnel under one of the rock formations, a reading circle, multiple sitting greens, and the “water rocks,” a fountain built into one of the rocks.

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Founded in the Alphabet City neighborhood of Manhattan in 1973 to give the city’s large population of Puerto Rican writers a venue to showcase their talents (“Nuyorican” is a term for a New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent), this is one of New York’s best performing arts venues. Striving to give voice to artists who would otherwise be underrepresented in mainstream culture, the Nuyorican hosts a diverse array of events, from theater and music pieces to slam poetry every Friday night.

San Francisco

Adventure Playground (Berkeley)

Wow! This is a one-of-a-kind playground, located in Berkeley across the bay from San Francisco, and is sure to make parents envy their children. It features forts, boats, and towers, all designed by children, for children. Kids can go wild on the zipline, or get in touch with their creative sides by painting. It is recommended to wear sturdy shoes (no sandals or flip-flops!) and clothes that can get wet and dirty. See the park’s website for a full list of rules and other information.

After Dark at Exploratorium

Held at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, a facility showcasing “how the world works” through engaging, interactive scientific exhibits After Dark is a nighttime series for adults only that mixes science, art, cocktails – a winning trio. Each night focuses on a different topic, with names like “Tricks Are Treats” and “Decay.” This show offers it all: live performance, film, music, technology, alcohol, stimulating conversation – there is something for everyone. Visit the Exploratorium website for a full event schedule and a list of After Dark themes.

Boston – Harvard Square

Alexander W. Kemp Playground

A newly redesigned playground that still retains the look of an older, wooden playground, Kemp Playground, north of Harvard Square, has structures built on small hills and sand that facilitate climbing, swinging, and sliding, with areas suitable for all young ages from toddlers up. The mission of its designers was to create a space that incorporated both playing and learning about the surrounding world.


The second stage of Cambridge’s American Repertory Theater (ART), Oberon mixes theatrical performance into a nightclub setting, featuring many shows, both temporary and regular, that usually would not get the same attendance on the ART’s mainstage. Many of these shows are interactive, such as the highly popular “Donkey Show,” a disco-reimagining of William Shakespeare’s beloved play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, complete with divas, roller skates, and glitter, held every Saturday Night. Visit the ART’s website for a full event schedule and other information.


Don’t miss out on your chance to be the “cool parent” and book an awesome trip to one of these cities, or any of the other destinations you can find on, where you can easily book both your bus tickets and hotel stay together to save even more!

Back to School: 3 Cheap Ways to Get You To College

Making your way back to school without hurting your wallet – Here are  3 cheap ways to get you there

Back to school season
Back to School Season

               I know. No one wants summer to end, but look on the bright side! You will be reunited with friends who live away from you, have a chance to properly show off that awesome tan you got from the beach,  and of course learn more (education is important y’all).

 But a common theme of college seems to be, YA BROKE. No worries though, we made a list of ways for you to get back to school without denting your wallet TOO much.

  • Car Pool

car pooling to college

Ask around your circle to see if anyone will be passing by you or even lives near you and is trying to road trip it back to school. All it costs is splitting the gas between the two of you (and maybe some McDonald’s stops along the way). If you and your friend are living that minimalist life, you may even be able to find a third to ride with and make the gas cost even cheaper!

  • Inter-City Bus
Inter-City Bus

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of driving, but school also isn’t far enough to fly, inter-city buses are a great way to travel on a budget! There are a number of inter-city bus lines out there and can make the search for the cheapest price intimidating, but GotoBus can help you compare all the lines at once! It’s essentially the Kayak of intercity buses. Visit GotoBus for more information about bus and schedules.

  • Amtrak/Cheap Flights

If school is a little bit further, you may want to consider train or a cheap flight. Although it may be a little late in the game to get the cheapest price, you can still use sites like Kayak in order to find the cheapest one available (you may have to resort to some layovers though).

There is not excuse for not making it to college campus. Have a blast this semester with your college buddies!

GotoBus Making Joint Effort with Green Streets Initiative for Sustainability partnered up with Cambridge non-profit organization, bringing awareness to bus riders.

 Bus-travel search website recently announced a new partnership with Cambridge local non-profit organization Green Streets Initiative. The endeavor will hopefully inspire more travelers to choose a sustainable way of traveling, especially for the Boston local communities.

Green Streets Initiative holds a Walk/Ride Day each month, asking participants to change their ways of commute for a day. As a result, commuters can reflect on the impact of the daily commute on finances, health, and the environment. As their most recent retail partner, will be offering promo codes to Green Street Initiative active members. Starting from today, participants of Walk/Ride Day can receive a 5% off discount on bus tickets from New York to Boston.  The upcoming Walk/Ride Day will take place on Friday, March 29 (sign up here). 

Green Streets Walk/Ride Day Celebration

With the growing trend of eco-friendly commute and green travel, people are more conscious of the carbon emission of daily transportations. According to the 2018 energy report of U.S Energy Information Administration, trains and buses consume only 3% of total energy used by the transportation industry. As a leading bus-ticket booking platform in the U.S, is dedicated to offering consumers affordable and eco-friendly alternatives for inter-city transportations. 

To emphasize on the daily commute by bus, Green Streets Initiative made June Bus Month, during which they will hold several public events for green travel commuters. A breakfast gathering will take place on June 28, 2019, at the Whole Foods Market in Somerville, MA.