GotoBus Voted in Excellent Service Awards for 2018

GotoBus picked out our 2018 Excellent Service Award winners, bus companies with a proven record of outstanding performance. Congratulations!


The winning bus companies are selected from over 100 vendors currently working with us. The 2018 winners were: Eastern Bus, Tufesa, Focus Travel, CashWorld, PeterPan Bus, Hoang Express, OurBus, Greatwall, Sprinter Bus, Tripper Bus, Super Tours of Orlando, Atop Bus, ShunFeng Bus, Betty Bus, Power Coach Line, and Ocean Travel (See the full list and their services here.) Among which, half of the operators are on a streak, winning the certificate more than twice. established the award program in 2014. We are aiming to inspire bus operators ways to lift their performances, as well as to help travelers locating reliable bus schedules.


There is a set of requirements the bus vendors need to meet up with. Among them, travelers’ feedback is the most important. After all, we value the opinion of our customers utmost. Overall, the winning bus companies must achieve a 4-star rating while maintaining a minimum complaint rate.


Travelers rated their travel experiences based on 4 criteria: Bus Cleanliness, Punctuality, Staff & Service, and Comfort Level. Together the winning companies received over 4,500 reviews on our website over the past year.


The award winners offer bus schedules ranging from East Coast to West Coast. We hope these bus operators can keep up the good work and continue providing excellent service to travelers. In addition, we hope the certificate allows bus riders to make more informed decisions when comparing similar schedules. 


Coach Run Adds New Bus Service From The Bronx To Boston

Traveling from the Bronx to Boston? Check out the new bus service

Coach Run Adds New Bus Service from NYC to Boston

Coach Run understands that going south of city to get into Manhattan, just to catch the bus and then  go back north again didn’t make much sense.

They paid attention,  listened to their customers’ requests and worked with their team to create a solution that will meet their travelers’ needs and will make them happy. With that in mind Coach Run has added a new bus service from the Bronx, NY

The New Departure Location in The  Bronx 

Citizens of the Bronx no longer  have to deal with the hassle that comes while making their way into Manhattan to catch a bus to Boston.

The New Departure Location in The  Bronx 

As you may hear all the time from locals and visitors alike, you don’t really need a car to get around NYC.  Well,  that’s so true. If you are familiar with the Metro, you can basically get to anywhere in the five boroughs by train.

The New Departure Location in The  Bronx 

The new departure location in the Bronx is near Pelham Bay Park Station. 

 Take the 6 Train Uptown to the last stop of the train which is  Pelham Bay Park Station. Once you arrive, get off the train and head south west along Bruckner Express Highway until you meet Middleton Rd. It is only 11 minutes walk considering you are a slow-pace walker like me.

At the intersection, cross the foot bridge to make sure you are on the same side as the baseball field. The specific departure location will be located on corner of the Bruckner Blvd (Baseball Field) – Intersection of Bruckner Bl & Middletown Rd, Bronx NY 10465

What are you waiting for? Get your Bronx Bus Tickets to Boston  for as low as $8. 

Visit for more information


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Please note that this deal is a one-time use only and cannot be combined with other promotions and certain bus operators, such as Bus + Hotel combo discount, Greyhound and Peter Pan bus ticket. If the discount is not valid for your first purchase, the promotion will automatically extend to the next.

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Good Reasons for Choosing Bus Travel in Europe

Thinking about traveling by bus? Here are good reasons for choosing bus travel in Europe

Good Reasons for Choosing Bus Travel in Europe
The Tourist Town of St. Wolfgang in Austria

 1. Environmental friendly travel

One of the good reasons for choosing bus travel in Europe is the distance between cities and to know how close the countries are. For example, you can easily travel from Germany to France to Italy and back north to the Czech Republic in a matter of a few days, and, more important, for a very reasonable fee. Bus travel in Europe is one of the most affordable ways to travel these days, not to mention one of the most environmentally friendly! Because many European cities have very old city centers, modern transportation hubs like airports and train stations were built on the outskirts of these cities. However, buses are able to drive right into the city centers to drop passengers off, meaning that you’ll be able to get off the bus and waste no time in starting your exploration.

Good Reasons for Choosing Bus Travel in Europe
Yellow Bus from Student Agency Bus Operator

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CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe

Looking for Comfort, Affordable Prices & Excellent Service? CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express are among the popular ones!

CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe
Traveling Across Europe

You find yourself traveling in Europe and have the travel bug to explore every single corner of this beautiful continent, but unfortunately you are on a budget. Do not worry! CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage and National Express will take you across Europe without costing a fortune.

Here at Gotobus, we make it easier for you. We keep adding new bus routes and partnering with new bus companies all over the globe so that you don’t have to sweat about planning your trip.

CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe
Bus Coverage in Europe


CityBusExpress establishes the new standard in inter-city coach travel. They guarantee the best prices for travel between the most popular cities in Europe like Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Utrecht and Arnheim. Not only is travel between these cities exciting , but travel time on CityBusExpress, especially between Amsterdam and Berlin, is shorter when compared to other bus operators.

CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe

This bus operator spoils their riders with free drinks including beer. The professional steward (ess) will be handing out refreshing beverages, wipes and towels.  She/He will be checking on every passenger to be sure everyone is comfortable. Isn’t that quite something? Other amenities onboard are  Wi-Fi and a free movie. One of the popular routes for this bus company is from Cologne, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands

CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe

Elabus is a very experienced bus company based in Poland. The company serves local and international travelers who are looking to travel in Central and Southern Europe.

This Bus Company provides service to well-known and attractive destinations such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria Village and also cool places in the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea.

Elabus delights its customers with high-class coaches that are fully equipped with adjustable seats, Wi-Fi, power outlets and individual airflows to cool you off in the hottest months. Travelers seem to enjoy taking a bus from Byala, Bulgaria to Krakow, Poland

CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe
Andrade Voyages Bus

Andrade Voyage is a France-based bus company which specializes in transporting passengers between France and Portugal. Among popular departure points in France we have cities like Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bayonne, Montauban and Tarbes. Choose to arrive in your favorite city in Portugal such as Guimaraes, Porto, Braga, Guarda, Castelo Branco, Lisbon, Bombarral. If you are looking for a suggestion on what route to take, one of the favorites among travelers is from Barcelos, Portugal to Nice France

CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe
Andrade Voyages Bus Operator

National Express Bus is the largest scheduled bus service operator in the UK. Among the popular cities listed,  you can book bus tickets to London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cheltenham, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bath, Norwich, Canterbury, Swindon, Manchester, and more. It provides services across the UK by connecting more than 900 destinations. The amenities provided by National Express Bus are reclining leather seats, air conditioning, power outlets, WiFi on selected services, and toilets to make your journey comfortable. National Express makes sure that its coaches run on schedule and that they don’t make unscheduled stops on the majority of their services. However, they provide customers short rest breaks during long journeys.

CityBusExpress, Elabus, Andrade Voyage & National Express: Bus Travel Across Europe
National Express Bus

Now’s a great time to quickly look at these bus companies and plan your itinerary to be sure you are saving as much as you can. For more information about bus tickets in Europe visit

GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe

Looking for bus tickets in Europe? GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe

GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe
Traveling in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Planning a trip to Europe?

At, we are proud to announce the expansion of our bus ticketing services in Europe! The first schedules have been released in partnership with Student Agency, a leading bus operator based in the Czech Republic. We expect to release more bus routes across Europe in the upcoming months as we partner with the major bus companies in the region. Yay! GotoBus expands bus routes to Europe!

GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe
GotoBus Europe Bus Coverage

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When is the Best Time to see Washington’s Cherry Blossom?

Witness the Cherry Blossom & Have the Best Time of your Life in Washington DC

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?
Beautiful View of Washington Monument

In 1912, the mayor of Tokyo sent a gift of thousands of Japanese cherry trees to Washington, D.C. as a symbol of friendship between the United States and Japan. This gift started the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is, hands down, the best time of the year to visit Washington. At, this is one of our personal favorite events; we absolutely love the sight of the pink, red, and white flowers from over 1,700 trees all bloom together in a vibrant display. The way the colors of the blossoms play off the quintessential white marble of D.C.’s buildings and monuments seems like a match made in heaven.

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?
Cherry Trees along the Tidal Basin

When to go

The best time to visit Washington during the festival varies from year to year, a period known as “peak bloom,” when over 70% of the trees have blossomed. This year, peak bloom is expected to fall between March 17th and 20th and for about two weeks, you can see this breathtaking scenery in full. For as low as $15 you can take a New York to Washington DC bus

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?

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Discover New Worlds This Columbus Day Weekend!

Are you familiar with any of these places? Discover New Worlds This Columbus Day Weekend!

Discover New Worlds This Columbus Day Weekend!

Discover new worlds this Columbus Day Weekend! Every October, cities across the U.S. celebrate Columbus Day in honor of the famous explorer who kicked off the European Age of Exploration in the Renaissance when he sailed from Spain to the Caribbean, establishing a connection between the Americas and Europe. There’s even a catchy rhyme about Columbus’s journey that most of you probably learned in school at a young age: “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” This year, Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 12th, providing many people across the country with a well-deserved day off, making it a popular getaway weekend.

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Fall Foliage Around the Country

Have you taken a trip to see the Fall Foliage around the country? Don’t miss out!

Fall Foliage Around the Country
Kids Enjoying Fall Foliage

Isn’t fall a wonderful time? There’s a certain magic to the way everything seems to change before your eyes. Yes, we know the science behind why leaves turn from green to red, yellow, and orange, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a truly amazing sight to behold. At GotoBus, we love everything about fall: the changing leaves, the cool breezes, the delicious pies (are you an apple or a pumpkin?). Since the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, we think it’s the perfect time for a weekend getaway to explore the great outdoors and snap some photos of the colorful forests. We have routes to cities all over the country and parts of Mexico at low prices that are good for any budget, and we know the best places to soak up the beauty of Fall Foliage around the country!

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