20 Things to Include in your Travel Emergency Kit

20 Things to Include in your Travel Emergency Kit

At GotoBus.com, customer safety is our #1 priority, and we understand that emergencies happen! This is why we wanted to give you some ideas of things to start gathering for an emergency travel supply kit. Head to the store and get a container to put everything inside. Here are 20 things to include in your travel emergency kit to get started:

    1. 1. Flashlight
    2. 2. Batteries
    3. 3. Mini/waterproof radio
    4. 4. First-aid kit
    5. 5. Road flares if you traveling by car
    6. 6. Waterproof matches
    7. 7. Extra set of house and car keys
    8. 8. Back up phone battery – we’ve heard great things about the Mophie brand!
    9. 9. Everyone traveling with you should have their own identification with them (driver’s licenses, state ID’s or passports), as well as photo copies of their ID’s safely stored somewhere in a ziplock bag for backup and safekeeping. You should also have a AAA (or other roadside assistance) card with you, your health insurance card, and any other important documents you think you might need in case of emergency, like emergency contact phone numbers… and no, we don’t mean only the ones stored on your cell phones. Hard copies are important!
    10. 10. Don’t forget to bring with you medications that you take on a daily basis – bring a few days extra with you just in case. We also recommend taking Advil or other pain relievers, this also might be in the First Aid kit.
    11. 11. Duct tape -you can use it for pretty much anything.. seriously!
    12. 12. Non-perishable food (granola bars, etc).
    13. 13. Bottled water
    14. 14. Water purification tablets are great to have on hand to use if you run out of water; they can be purchased online or in-stores at popular sporting/camping stores.
    15. 15. Toothbrush and toothpaste
    16. 16. Extra outfits – we recommend bringing 1-2 changes of clothes just in case. Bring clothes that are easily collapsible and can fight into a tight space.
    17. 17. Blankets! Get a regular blanket, and an emergency blanket. If you purchase a first-aid kit that comes with an emergency blanket (they are usually silver-colored), great! If not, we seriously recommend purchasing one separably to include with this kit, as they help to prevent hypothermia.
    18. 18. Ponchos- we’ve all poked fun at ponchos before, but when it comes down to it, we would be thankful for having one of we really needed to stay dry!
    19. 19. Swiss Army knife or similar type of combination “survival” knife. There are countless possibilities to shop for, and many are customizable depending on what you are purchasing it for. For example, Swiss Army makes special fishing combo knives, hunting knives, and more.
    20. 20. Ziplock bags of different size to keep your belongings dry.

20 Things to Include in your Travel Emergency Kit

As you can from this list, there are many possibilities of what to include in your emergency kit, but the most important thing is to pack only the essentials! We hope you enjoyed our list, and that it will inspire you to get your own emergency travel kit started. Don’t forget to also visit GotoBus.com to book your bus tickets to destinations across the U.S. – save even more when you book your bus and hotel stay together!

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