CA Shuttle brings affordable bus services between Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA

The well known bus service provider, CA Shuttle, is resuming their operations from Los Angeles to San Francisco, starting July 11th. Starting at only $15, travelers can enjoy upscale bus services between Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Greater Bay Area including free wifi service.

CA Shuttle allows passengers to bring up to two pieces of luggage (30 lbs each) convenient for the longer vacations or to those indecisive on what to wear. If your preferred mode of transportation is bicycling, you are able to bring your bikes on the trip as well, for a small additional fee. Passengers are also allowed to bring their loved ones: small pets can be transported in a pet cage when not taking up an extra seat. They have daily operating services between Los Angeles, San Francisco and greater Bay Area to be convenient with your busy schedule. CA Shuttle makes it easy to bring the important things of your life with you as you travel the coast of California.

Customers booking their CA Shuttle bus tickets on are welcome to stay green, and bring their e-tickets on a smartphone to board the bus.