Reach new heights in Africa!

Fantastic treks on majestic Kilimanjaro. Summit Africa’s highest peak (Uhuru) while soaking in the beauty of surrounding Tanzanian towns. The highest freestanding mountain in the world offers a one of a kind experience with mother nature. Although it is one of the world’s highest peaks it is often described as the easiest to climb of the world’s famous Seven Summits.

8-Day Kilimanjaro Adventure – Lemosho Route

6-Day Kilimanjaro Adventure – Machame Route

6-Day Kilimanjaro Adventure – Rongai Route

6-Day Kilimanjaro Adventure – Shira Route

6-Day Kilimanjaro Adventure – Umbwe Route

5-Day Kilimanjaro Adventure – Marangu Route

For those not that are less vertically inclined, a tour of the enormous Arusha National Park would keep you at sea level. 53 square miles of scenery and diverse wildlife await in this 1-day voyage into one Africa’s must see locations.

1-Day Safari Arusha National Park