End of Summer Playtime for the Whole Family

Playtime for the whole family. One more trip before the summer ends, please!

End of Summer Playtime for the Whole Family
Summer Fountain Fun

Alas! Summer is coming to an end, and, as always, it was too short. Kids are dreading the approach of the school year, and their parents are wishing they had one last opportunity to escape the stresses of work and enjoy the beautiful weather. Fortunately, there is still time to book a perfect family getaway and end the summer with a bit of playtime for the whole family. Below, we have listed some of our favorite cities, each with one amazing playground for the kids and a nightlife event for the adults.

New York City

Teardrop Park

A section of the larger Tribeca, Manhattan, this is not a traditional playground, with swings and jungle-gyms, although there is a large slide that is sure to leave your kids laughing. Teardrop Park is marked by heaving rock formations that help to hide the surrounding city, giving this place an atmosphere of calm seclusion amid the hustle-and-bustle of the country’s busiest city. Along with the slide, the park features a large sandbox area, a tunnel under one of the rock formations, a reading circle, multiple sitting greens, and the “water rocks,” a fountain built into one of the rocks.

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Founded in the Alphabet City neighborhood of Manhattan in 1973 to give the city’s large population of Puerto Rican writers a venue to showcase their talents (“Nuyorican” is a term for a New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent), this is one of New York’s best performing arts venues. Striving to give voice to artists who would otherwise be underrepresented in mainstream culture, the Nuyorican hosts a diverse array of events, from theater and music pieces to slam poetry every Friday night.

San Francisco

Adventure Playground (Berkeley)

Wow! This is a one-of-a-kind playground, located in Berkeley across the bay from San Francisco, and is sure to make parents envy their children. It features forts, boats, and towers, all designed by children, for children. Kids can go wild on the zipline, or get in touch with their creative sides by painting. It is recommended to wear sturdy shoes (no sandals or flip-flops!) and clothes that can get wet and dirty. See the park’s website for a full list of rules and other information.

After Dark at Exploratorium

Held at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, a facility showcasing “how the world works” through engaging, interactive scientific exhibits After Dark is a nighttime series for adults only that mixes science, art, cocktails – a winning trio. Each night focuses on a different topic, with names like “Tricks Are Treats” and “Decay.” This show offers it all: live performance, film, music, technology, alcohol, stimulating conversation – there is something for everyone. Visit the Exploratorium website for a full event schedule and a list of After Dark themes.

Boston – Harvard Square

Alexander W. Kemp Playground

A newly redesigned playground that still retains the look of an older, wooden playground, Kemp Playground, north of Harvard Square, has structures built on small hills and sand that facilitate climbing, swinging, and sliding, with areas suitable for all young ages from toddlers up. The mission of its designers was to create a space that incorporated both playing and learning about the surrounding world.


The second stage of Cambridge’s American Repertory Theater (ART), Oberon mixes theatrical performance into a nightclub setting, featuring many shows, both temporary and regular, that usually would not get the same attendance on the ART’s mainstage. Many of these shows are interactive, such as the highly popular “Donkey Show,” a disco-reimagining of William Shakespeare’s beloved play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, complete with divas, roller skates, and glitter, held every Saturday Night. Visit the ART’s website for a full event schedule and other information.


Don’t miss out on your chance to be the “cool parent” and book an awesome trip to one of these cities, or any of the other destinations you can find on GotoBus.com, where you can easily book both your bus tickets and hotel stay together to save even more!

Discover New Worlds This Columbus Day Weekend!

Are you familiar with any of these places? Discover New Worlds This Columbus Day Weekend!

Discover New Worlds This Columbus Day Weekend!

Discover new worlds this Columbus Day Weekend! Every October, cities across the U.S. celebrate Columbus Day in honor of the famous explorer who kicked off the European Age of Exploration in the Renaissance when he sailed from Spain to the Caribbean, establishing a connection between the Americas and Europe. There’s even a catchy rhyme about Columbus’s journey that most of you probably learned in school at a young age: “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” This year, Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 12th, providing many people across the country with a well-deserved day off, making it a popular getaway weekend.

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Labor Day Weekend Getaways to Remember

Create Memories – Labor Day Weekend Getaways to Remember

Bus Tickets: Labor Day Weekend Getaways to Remember

Labor Day can be kind of bittersweet: on one hand, it provides everyone with a much-need break from their busy lives, but on the other, it unofficially marks the end of summer. This makes it a really popular time to sneak in one last weekend getaway while the weather is still nice. But with fun Labor Day Weekend events happening all over the country, it can be difficult to decide where to go. GotoBus always has your back in this department. We know all the best events in the coolest cities across the U.S., so keep reading for a list of activity ideas. We’ve tried to throw in a good mix for all ages!

New York

New York City is home to some of the best urban parks in the world. Everyone knows about crown jewel, Central Park, but there are countless others located around the five boroughs that are much less crowded. If you’re looking to have a pleasant, low-key day-off, why not grab a basket, a blanket, and a few close friends, and make your way to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, a 585-acre area filled with winding paths and enough tree coverage to make you forget that you’re in one of the busiest cities in the world. Alternatively, in Manhattan’s Bryant Park, you can see a free performance or participate in one of the activities program.

New YorK: Labor Day Weekend Getaways to Remember
Statue of Liberty

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6 Things You Need To know Before Booking Your Bus Ticket

Online booking is a piece of cake! Pay attention to 6 things you need to know before booking your bus ticket

1. Buy tickets in advance before they are sold out

Don’t be afraid of technology. Shopping online is easy. Just browse through the internet to find companies that sell tickets online. GotoBus, for instance, let you buy a bus ticket from the comfort of your home. But before doing so, there are 6 Things You Need To know Before Booking Your Bus Ticket.

6 Things You Need To know Before Booking Your Bus Ticket
GotoBus Mobile App.

Many Bus Operators list their service on GotoBus. Simply type the website name on any internet browser of your preference. Or download the mobile app. on your smartphone if available. The next step would be to go to the search box to look for a specific time, routes and dates. Once you find what you want, select the number of passengers in your party and click the “Add to Cart” button. This places your selected item into the shopping cart while you continue to browse.

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3 Things You Need to Know about Copa America Centenario

 Are You a Soccer Fan? Here are 3 Things You Need to Know about Copa America Centenario

3 Things You Need to Know about Copa America Centenario
Copa America Centenario 2016

We’re getting excited for the big soccer tournaments that are happening this summer! Though it’s not on the same scale as the World Cup, the Copa América Centenario is a major soccer tournament in which the top teams from North and South America will compete to be the best nation in the Western Hemisphere. This very special event is going to be held in 10 different cities across the United States starting on June 3rd, when the United States takes on Colombia in Santa Clara, California. The final will be played on June 26th at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Here are 3 things you need to know about Copa America Centenario:

1. Combination of Two Major Tournaments

The Copa América Centenario is actually the combination of two separate tournaments: the Copa América, represented by South American nations; and the CONCACAF Gold Cup, represented by North American nations. The Centenario celebrates the 100th anniversary of the very first Copa América competition.

The complete list of cities hosting matches is as follows: Santa Clara, CA; Orlando, FL; Seattle, WA; Pasadena, CA; Chicago, IL; Glendale, AZ; Foxborough, MA; Philadelphia, PA; East Rutherford, NJ; and Houston, TX.

3 Things You Need to Know about Copa America Centenario
MetLife Stadium in NJ – Photo credit: Chris Paul 2014

2. How to Get to the Host Cities for Copa America Games

Luckily for you soccer fans (or football fans, if you’re not from the U.S.), GotoBus.com carries bus services between many of the major cities that will be hosting the matches. You can build a fantastic trip around these games whether you want to explore New York City, lounge in the Los Angeles sun, see the colonial architecture of Boston, or plan an exciting family trip to the theme parks of Orlando.

Bus travel is a great way to get around while remaining environmentally friendly since it’s essentially a large carpool. Through GotoBus, you’ll also be able to book your hotel stay, meaning that everything you need to book for a perfect vacation will be right at your fingertips. Booking your bus and hotel together makes you eligible for some special discounts that you won’t find anywhere else. The Washington D.C. bus to New York City is a very popular line and will get you to one of the best cities in the world with plenty of time to explore before the big game. New York to Boston and New York to Orlando are also cheap bus routes that will save you some money for your Copa America trip.

3. Best Players and Soccer Teams in the World

Centenario Stadium in Uruguay
Centenario Stadium in Uruguay – Photo credit: Rodrigo_Soldon

What are the teams to watch? The United States will have home field advantage, and many U.S. fans will be hoping that their team can upset some of the favored South American teams. Brazil, a perennial favorite, has provided a home to some of the best players ever, like the legendary Pelé. Fan favorite Neymar will try to lead his teammates to success. However, Neymar’s teammate at FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, will have something to say about that as he tries to ignite Argentina’s attack.

Messi is considered the greatest player of his generation, and one of the greatest of all time. If you have the chance to see Argentina play, you will be fortunate enough to see one of the true masters of the game work his magic. Of course, there will be another Barcelona player trying to provide the spark for his nation: the temperamental, but incredibly gifted, Luis Suarez of Uruguay is a favorite to score the most goals of the tournament; hopefully, he’ll keep a cool head and not make any rash decisions that could get him into trouble. Don’t count out Chile, the winners of last year’s Copa América, led by the hard-working Alexis Sanchez; Colombia, who made an impressive run during the 2014 World Cup; and Mexico, a team that can hold its own with the big boys and always provides an unexpected upset.

Head over to Gotobus.com now to reserve your bus tickets so you can get out there and support your team. May the best squad win!

Plan your trip to copa america 2016

And the Oscar Goes to…Your Next Vacation!

Gather your friends and say: And the Oscar Goes to…Your Next Vacation!

And the Oscar Goes to...Your Next Vacation!
Photo source: caltventertainment.wordpress.com

The Academy Awards, nicknamed “the Oscars” after the trophy given to the winners, are a time-honored tradition, the most celebrated ceremony in the film industry. This year, the awards will enter their 88th year. On GotoBus, you will be able to find affordable bus tickets to LA from nearby cities like San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, as well as book your hotel stay, making for a one-stop shopping experience. Because LA is the land of movie magic, there are several places you can visit that you may recognize from famous films. We thought we’d compile a list of some of these places to help build up your Oscar buzz. And the Oscar Goes to…Your Next Vacation!

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20 Things to Include in your Travel Emergency Kit

20 Things to Include in your Travel Emergency Kit

At GotoBus.com, customer safety is our #1 priority, and we understand that emergencies happen! This is why we wanted to give you some ideas of things to start gathering for an emergency travel supply kit. Head to the store and get a container to put everything inside. Here are 20 things to include in your travel emergency kit to get started:

    1. 1. Flashlight
    2. 2. Batteries
    3. 3. Mini/waterproof radio
    4. 4. First-aid kit
    5. 5. Road flares if you traveling by car
    6. 6. Waterproof matches
    7. 7. Extra set of house and car keys
    8. 8. Back up phone battery – we’ve heard great things about the Mophie brand!
    9. 9. Everyone traveling with you should have their own identification with them (driver’s licenses, state ID’s or passports), as well as photo copies of their ID’s safely stored somewhere in a ziplock bag for backup and safekeeping. You should also have a AAA (or other roadside assistance) card with you, your health insurance card, and any other important documents you think you might need in case of emergency, like emergency contact phone numbers… and no, we don’t mean only the ones stored on your cell phones. Hard copies are important!
    10. 10. Don’t forget to bring with you medications that you take on a daily basis – bring a few days extra with you just in case. We also recommend taking Advil or other pain relievers, this also might be in the First Aid kit.
    11. 11. Duct tape -you can use it for pretty much anything.. seriously!
    12. 12. Non-perishable food (granola bars, etc).
    13. 13. Bottled water
    14. 14. Water purification tablets are great to have on hand to use if you run out of water; they can be purchased online or in-stores at popular sporting/camping stores.
    15. 15. Toothbrush and toothpaste
    16. 16. Extra outfits – we recommend bringing 1-2 changes of clothes just in case. Bring clothes that are easily collapsible and can fight into a tight space.
    17. 17. Blankets! Get a regular blanket, and an emergency blanket. If you purchase a first-aid kit that comes with an emergency blanket (they are usually silver-colored), great! If not, we seriously recommend purchasing one separably to include with this kit, as they help to prevent hypothermia.
    18. 18. Ponchos- we’ve all poked fun at ponchos before, but when it comes down to it, we would be thankful for having one of we really needed to stay dry!
    19. 19. Swiss Army knife or similar type of combination “survival” knife. There are countless possibilities to shop for, and many are customizable depending on what you are purchasing it for. For example, Swiss Army makes special fishing combo knives, hunting knives, and more.
    20. 20. Ziplock bags of different size to keep your belongings dry.

20 Things to Include in your Travel Emergency Kit

As you can from this list, there are many possibilities of what to include in your emergency kit, but the most important thing is to pack only the essentials! We hope you enjoyed our list, and that it will inspire you to get your own emergency travel kit started. Don’t forget to also visit GotoBus.com to book your bus tickets to destinations across the U.S. – save even more when you book your bus and hotel stay together!

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun!

Where are you going to be celebrating this fun weekend of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun!
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun! It is a busy time for travel. A lot of people will be trying to get home to spend time with their loved ones. If you’ll be one of the many weary travelers this year, you should visit GotoBus.com, one of the web’s leading marketplaces for affordable bus tickets, to find the route that will get you where you need to go. Thanksgiving dinner tastes great, but it tastes even better when surrounded by those closest to you!

New York

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the most anticipated event on the holiday, and this year, marks the 89th year the parade has been running. Not only do crowds of people line the streets of Manhattan to see floats of their favorite cartoon characters, like Snoopy and Spongebob, but there will also be performances from talented marching bands, cheerleaders, dance teams, and more! This year’s parade will also feature musical performances from crowd favorites like Jordin Sparks, Prince Royce, Train, Andra Day, and Shawn Mendes. Be sure to check out the official website for the complete list! Even though thousands of people line up on the streets of Manhattan to watch the parade in person, even more people tune in on their televisions to watch from all around the US. Be sure to book tickets to New York to see this huge celebration in person before they sell out!


The very first Thanksgiving was held in the Greater Boston Area in Plymouth, MA when the Pilgrims broke bread with the Native Americans who lived in the area. Plimoth Plantation is a living museum (actors will be in costumes and acting out what life was like back then) where you can see a replica of the original community they established in 1620. We can’t think of many better ways to celebrate Thanksgiving than by reliving the history that is behind the holiday. Book bus tickets to Boston for an authentic Turkey Day experience!


New York’s not the only major American city that hosts a parade! Chicago is another huge urban area (and it’s cleaner than NYC!) that knows the best way to get down, hosting the annual McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade. Beginning on State Street downtown, the parade runs from 8 to 11 AM. Though it’s been held since 1934, McDonald’s became the first title sponsor in 1984. The mascot is Teddy Turkey, a plump, fun-loving bird who goes around spreading holiday cheer. Hang out with Teddy by booking bus tickets to Chicago now!


The Seniors First Turkey Trot 5K has been a Thanksgiving tradition in the Orlando area for the past 25 years. It’s a race around Lake Eola to help benefit the area’s senior citizens. Participants are invited to wear Pilgrim attire or turkey costumes and race to the finish! This is definitely a great opportunity to take some pictures of people in ridiculous outfits! There are also countless theme parks in the Orlando area to help keep your family entertained. Book your bus tickets to Florida now at an unbeatable low rate!

Los Angeles

On November 29th, Los Angeles will host the Hollywood Christmas Parade. OK, we know, it’s not for Thanksgiving, but that seems a little early for Christmas, doesn’t it? This year, magician duo Penn and Teller have been selected as the Grand Marshalls for the parade, so it’s sure to be a magical experience. The parade begins at 5 PM on Hollywood Boulevard. Book your bus tickets to California now!


After a few tough years, it finally seems like Detroit is back on the upswing. This is great news for the automotive capital of the US. You can join the local community in celebrating and show off your patriotism by joining America’s Thanksgiving Parade. It’s the second-oldest parade in the country (after Macy’s), and features similar floats. The climax of the parade is the arrival of Santa Claus, who announces the beginning of the Christmas season. Book tickets to Detroit from cities all around the around the country!

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun!
Thanksgiving dinner

These are just a few of the events happening around the US this Thanksgiving. If you don’t want to travel far, you should go online to find parade and events closest to you. With GotoBus.com, not only will you have access to affordable bus routes to cities all across the US and parts of Mexico, but you will also be able to book your hotel, so a nice, warm room will be ready for when you get there. Safe travels and happy Thanksgiving!

Thrills, Chills, & Spills: The Best Amusement Parks for Summer Fun

Thrills, Chills, & Spills: The Best Amusement Parks for Summer Fun

All over the United States, we are in the height of summer, which means we have a lot of free time to enjoy the incredible weather. Of course, being out in the sun for so long requires two things: first, a good sunscreen with a high SPF (don’t get burned!), and second, some entertainment that is going to cool you down. At GotoBus.com, we love a good thrill, so we know plenty of great amusement parks around the country that feature rollercoasters, water rides, and many other attractions that are guaranteed to excite family members of all ages. Below, we’ve included descriptions for the best amusement parks for summer fun around the country.

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NYC Summers- Fun in The City!

New York City

New York, New York! No matter what time of year you visit this sprawling city, there will always be an endless series of events happening, but in summer, things really take off. Whether you’re rolling like a queen through Queens, chilling with the hipsters in Brooklyn, or living luxuriously in Manhattan, you’ll always be able to find free concerts, outdoor movie screenings, hip rooftop parties, and so much more.

GotoBus.com is a leading online marketplace where customers can book bus tickets, as well as hotel accommodations and more, from one convenient location. We also understand the importance of traveling on a tight budget, and we make it our goal to cater to the needs of such customers. And we just can’t get enough of NYC. We think it’s easily one of the most exciting cities in the whole world, so we’re always trying to sing its praises and convince people to visit. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of some events happening in the Big Apple over the next few months, making sure to throw in some that are totally free of charge, so you can enjoy the your vacation while still having plenty of money left over for souvenirs.

Shakespeare in the Park

There is a great deal to said about the fact that the iconic plays of William Shakespeare, who was alive about hundreds of years ago, are still performed today. They really prove that art contains a timeless power to reach people across time and cultures. Shakespeare in the Park, in its 53rd year, is held at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, is free (you just have to wait in line for a ticket), and runs continuously through the summer until August 23rd. This year, the park will be putting on Cymbeline, a story about a British king and his daughter. Shakespeare in the Park could potentially offer some odd surprises and quirks to theater-goers: in the past, weather-related issues have forced performances to stop-and-start at random intervals, and occasionally, some of the park’s local wildlife have made it onstage for a cameo. Boston, another city with a vibrant theatrical community, is only a few hours away. Book your bus tickets from Boston to New York starting at $18 one way!

Central Park, New York City

Swimming & More!

If you’re getting too hot, the city has about 14 miles of beaches that are loaded with activities. Take Coney Island, for example, an iconic landmark in Brooklyn, where you will find a lively boardwalk, a thrilling amusement park, and a huge cast of interesting characters. Nearby, you can also choose to go to Brighton Beach, an area traditionally filled with Russian immigrants, and Rockaway Beach, preferred by the hip, cool, and young since the Ramones named a song after it. On the New York’s Parks Department website, you view a list of the free outdoor pools in the city. Book bus tickets from Washington DC to New York for as little as $21 one-way to escape all that heated political debate!

Coney Island

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about the “Roaring 20s,” rereading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby (or watched the Leonardo DiCaprio movie) over and over, and dressing up in your zoot-suit or flapper gown for a night of swing dancing? Or, instead, do you find that you don’t understand any of those references? Either way, you should check out this Jazz Age Lawn Party, an exciting outdoor event on Governor’s Island, scheduled for the weekend of August 15th. You’ll be able to dance the Charleston, Lindy Hop, or a bunch of other dance styles that you’ve never heard of (don’t worry: there will be people there to help teach you!). Tickets for the party start at $35. Chicago is another city with a deep history in the Prohibition Era, so this would be a great way for visitors from that area to connect to their own local history. Book your bus tickets from Chicago to New York for as little as $60 one-way.

Jazz Age Lawn Party, NYC

Waterfight NYC

Ready, aim, fire! When was the last time you were in a water-gun battle? Most of you probably couldn’t remember anything more specific than “When I was a kid.” And you know what? That’s lame! Water-guns are a blast (get it?) for all ages. This is obvious to the organizers of Waterfight NYC, an annual free-for-all water-fight welcome to all. Though the exact time of this event have yet to be revealed, we know that on July 25th, a massive crowd (last year, thousands of participants unleashed their battle cries!) will gather on Central Park’s Great Lawn for this ultimate showdown, the water-gun battle to end all water-gun battles. This event is free to attend; you just need to remember to arm yourself with finest in Nerf technology. Book your bus tickets from Atlanta to New York starting at just $35 one-way.

water fight

GotoBus is always happy to assist its customers in their quest to find affordable bus rates and accommodations wherever they wish to go. There are many other popular cities from where you can start your journey and grab your bus tickets to New York City. With our help, you will also be able to find thousands of routes to destinations across the USA, as well as a select few in Canada and Mexico. With more added each week, there’s always somewhere new to visit, whether you want to live large and in charge in the Big Apple, or have your heart set elsewhere. Visit GotoBus.com now to find your dream summer vacation. Have a great summer and happy travels!