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Fall in New England

For all of its beauty – the changing leaves, the cool breezes, the ready-to-harvest crops – Fall can be a stressful time. Suddenly, school is back in session, the weather is colder, the days are shorter, and you just can’t shake the feeling that your time to get outdoors and take in the season’s dynamic magnificence is quickly running out.

Here’s what you need to do: grab a pumpkin-spiced latte, sit down at your computer, and head to, where you will find the best rates on round-trip bus tickets, and choose from the many destinations listed, so you can get a nice, relaxing break amidst the vibrant foliage of Autumn.

New England is probably the one region most closely associated with the Autumn season, as it features the most visible changes to its foliage, as well as a long tradition of harvest fairs, Halloween thrills, and various other seasonal celebrations to herald the season. The city of Boston loves to celebrate fall in style with the Head of the Charles Regatta, a two-day rowing race that attracts over 9,000 participants and countless more spectators each year, making it the largest race of its kind in the world. You can watch the boats pass by underneath the leisurely shade on the banks of the Charles River. Another classic New England activity during this season is the month-long Halloween festivities in Salem, MA, the site of the infamous witch trials in colonial times. This small, coastal city, a short train ride from Boston, has retained much of its colonial demeanor. There are numerous “spooky” tours you can choose from; themed museums, haunted houses, and eateries; as well as not one, but several psychics who all promise to see into your future. That’s right – if you don’t like the sound of your fortune, you can just get a new one from a different psychic. Round-trip bus tickets from New York to Boston start at just $36.

Head of the Charles Regatta

Another potential idea, for those customers on the West Coast, is exploring one of the absolutely breathtaking parks located in that region. Okay, maybe the mammoth California redwood trees of Muir Woods, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, don’t change colors in the fall, and their humbling size and majesty remain constant year-round. But these trees are each hundreds of years old, and this fact, coupled with the inherent otherworldly atmosphere of Autumn, creates a truly mystical quality in Muir Woods. Even the name of the region itself – “Muir” – seems to come straight from The Lord of the Rings (John Muir was actually a 19th-century environmentalist and early proponent of wilderness preservation). While there will not be a vast number of visual changes to the scenery, for those of you on the West Coast this fall, an excursion to Muir Woods, or any one of California’s many other redwood sanctuaries, makes for an enticing outing. Bring the kids, and let their imaginations run wild in this fantasy landscape! Bus tickets from Los Angeles to San Francisco start at just $80.

Muir Woods National Monument

 Don’t let yourself feel all cooped up indoors; get out now to capture the exquisite beauty of Autumn. There is no reason to wait! Visit and choose your perfect destination now.

Unique Labor Day Weekend Ideas

Beach sunset

Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, making it the last chance for many to take advantage of the weather and their time off from work or school. But the traditional vacation itinerary of jetting off to a private, secluded island to drink cocktails on the beach is a little cliche, not to mention out of the average traveler’s budget. There are all sorts of unique events around the country on Labor Day Weekend, and offers affordable rates to get you wherever you wish to go. Below, we’ve listed some one-of-a-kind cultural events in a few of our favorite cities:


Boston, Massachusetts

International Bacon Day (August 31st)

*Sizzle*. Is that the sound of the summer sun burning your skin? No! It’s the sound of succulent strips of bacon cooking on a skillet. International Bacon Day, observed annually on the Saturday before Labor Day, was first established in 2000 by residents of nearby Bedford, MA. While there is no official events commemorating the most delicious holiday, why not take a trip to Boston, the largest city near Bacon Day’s birthplace, and partake in some bacon-filled dishes at any number of the city’s excellent restaurants or food trucks?

Boston Arts Festival

This annual festival, held in Christopher Columbus Park, showcases the best of local visual and performance art. Artists set up kiosks to sell their work, while some kind of performance is always happening. Previous festivals have held exhibits on glassblowing, wood carving, painting, and much more. Many artists also hold workshops on these techniques, allowing visitors to participate and learn firsthand the skills required to, for instance, blow glass. On the second night, the festival is concluded with an impressive fireworks display over Boston Harbor. More information is available on the city of Boston’s website.

New York, New York

Labor Day Carnival

New York’s major Labor Day celebration – a.k.a. the West Indian-American Carnival – is an annual festival in Brooklyn that attracts anywhere between one to three million participants each year. The main event is the parade, in which groups representative of the numerous Caribbean Islands (Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.) march down the Eastern Parkway, adorned with splendid, vibrant clothing of their native land. The parade is only part of the overall carnival, with various musical and artistic performances rounding out the bill. You can find the entire schedule for the carnival here.

NYC Unicycle Festival

This has got to be one of the more interesting themes for a festival. Each year on Governor’s Island, participants and spectators gather for two days full of one-wheeled fun. There are races and other competitions, world-famous cyclists giving exhibitions of their tricks, and games of basketball and hockey played entirely on unicycles. While you don’t need to know how to ride a unicycle to enjoy the festival, you will not find a better place to learn how. Find out all you need to know and more about the NYC UniFest from its official website.
San Francisco, California


A special feature for Summer 2014 at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, an incredible museum whose goal is to “explain how the world works,” Colorfest is a collection of exhibits that all deal with how the human eye interacts with color. With over thirty exhibits, including laser demonstrations, an examination of color in the Mayan world, and a lecture on color in chemistry, there is no shortage of information to interest you. Colorfest is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to learn more about a topic that we generally do not think about too often.


Labor Day Weekend is swiftly approaching, so you do not want to miss your chance to experience something new and different. Book tickets through to find your perfect price and get on your way!

GotoBus – 9 Years of Advocating Bus Safety

Concerns over the safety of bus travel have been brought to question after two fatal accidents this month. On March 12th, a bus returning to NY from a Connecticut casino tipped on it’s side, killing 15 passengers. On March 14th, a bus traveling from NY to Philadelphia struck a guard rail, killing 2 passengers. No passengers were injured on March 14th when a passenger aboard a BoltBus bound for Baltimore called police of the suspected drunken driver for the bus. The driver was arrested after failing field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. Lastly, on March 22nd a non-fatal accident in New Hampshire occurred when a bus heading to New Jersey rolled over on the highway.

These events of the past two weeks have been tragic and unacceptable. Since these accidents have occurred, state and federal authorities are carrying out rules and regulations in a more aggressive manner. It is disappointing that it took incidents of negligence to motivate a more proactive enforcement of existing regulations. The service providers responsible need to be held accountable for any oversights. stands behind the federal and state regulations and higher safety standards for the entire bus industry.

Media coverage has focused mainly on budget bus operators such as Chinatown Bus as the violators of safety protocol. The fact of the matter is that the bus industry as a whole needs better compliance on rules and regulations. Increased amounts of spot checks, more random inspections, and higher penalties are helpful from time to time, consistent efforts are really needed to improve the safety and service quality of the entire bus industry.

For 9 years, GotoBus has consistently advocated bus safety. Although we have witnessed the steady progress on safety matters in the bus industry, there is a lot of room for improvement.

As a third party between bus travelers and bus operators, GotoBus helps bus operators improve their quality of services while booking bus tickets online. Bus travelers contact GotoBus to take action when they spot negligence of certain bus drivers, such as spending too much time on phones or driving recklessly. GotoBus regularly works with the Better Business Bureau on customer complaints for bus operators.  In our 9 years of business operations, we have always placed the safety and satisfaction of the traveler above all else. The recent negative coverage on the bus industry has heightened the awareness of the appropriate authorities. We hope that this will help spur positive progress towards safer services for the bus industry as a whole.

We invite you, as a new customer to try’s services, or, as a repeating customer to send us reviews and feedback for us to improve our online services as well as the services of underlining bus operators.

Have a safe trip on bus through, and let us know how the drivers are doing.

Jimmy Chen
President & CEO

GotoBus starts Cambridge, Newton to New York City bus service

Travel to and from Boston is a staple of bus transportation in the northeast corridor. But choices for departure times and locations are often times limited. GotoBus is proud to be partnering with World Wide Bus to offer more transportation options in and around the Boston area.

Cambridge, MA to New YorkReturn ($15 one-way, $30 round-trip)
Newton, MA to New YorkReturn ($15 one-way, $30 round-trip)

World Wide Bus is the first bus operator to offer inter-city bus travel from and to Alewife Station in Cambridge, which is convenient for anyone on the MBTA’s Red Line and the northern suburbs of Boston. World Wide Bus also serves Newton’s Riverside Station, which is at the terminus of the “D” Branch of the MBTA’s Green Line and is convenient for residents of the suburbs to the west of Boston and Interstate 95/Route 128, Exit 22. Both Alewife Station and Riverside Station offer convenient overnight parking.

Introducing Bus Charters and Group Tours

Planning an event that requires some travel? Want to see the sights with your own private group of friends and family?

GotoBus is now offering fully customized bus charter services for your group! Enjoy a trip tailored to your specifications, from date and time to destination and budget. Getting a quote is as easy as filling out our bus charter form. We’ll get back to you promptly with all the information you need, and we will work with you to make sure you get the best deal and the reliable service you have come to know from GotoBus.

Those who want to book 10+ tickets for existing tours can enjoy the same service by filling out the “Group Tour Form” section. Your request is sent directly to our support team and we can help you find a great GotoBus tour for you and your party. The quote process is quick and simple, just visit our group tour page.

GotoBus and SkyLine are now connecting NYC and Wilkes-Barre

CAMBRIDGE, MA August 25, 2010 – GotoBus, the leading online bus ticketing service, is pleased to announce the release of a new bus route operated by SkyLine Bus providing service between New York City and Wilkes-Barre, PA. This daily bus service begins on September 1, 2010 and departs at 4:30pm from 6 Allen St. in New York City and arrives at approximately 7:00pm in 150 E Northampton St in Wilkes-Barre. The return service departs Wilkes-Barre at 7:30pm and arrives back in New York City around 10pm.

NYC <> Wilkes-Barre Bus Service – Trip duration is approximately 2.5 hours and for a limited time prices have been marked down from $35 to $20 one way and from $60 to $35 round trip.

SkyLine is one of over 300 bus and tour operators, including the chinatown bus whose services are currently marketed by GotoBus. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing. Full schedules and ticketing information can be found at online.

About GotoBus
GotoBus is the leading online marketplace for bus tickets and tours. The GotoBus online booking system is similar to those used by major airlines, and makes it easy for travelers to quickly compare schedules, prices, and pickup/drop-off locations for over 200 bus companies throughout the United States and Canada. is the fastest growing gateway for bus travel on the Internet today. In February 2007, was named ‘Best of the Web’ in the motorcoaches category by The Washington Post.

New Route Connecting New York and Fayetteville

“The Big Apple” meets “The All-American Town” in our latest bus route. From NY to NC, you can fly across the Mason Dixon line quickly and affordably.

New York <> Fayetteville Bus Service $50/$100

The duration of this trip is approximately 10 Hours and the service provided by SkyExpress.

Here are some other trips between New York and North Carolina…

New York <> Charlotte Bus Service $30/$60

New York <> Durham Bus Service $30/$60

New York <> Greensboro Bus Service $30/$60

New York <> Raleigh Bus Service $30/$60

Explore many more bus deals on our site.

Florida to New York Bus Service

Don’t like to fly? No need to fret. GotoBus has released a new bus service between Florida and New York that is now available for purchase. This service is operated by I-95 Coach and starts at only $125. Check online for the latest schedules and pricing.

Orlando Florida to New York City Bus Service $125/$250

Tampa Florida to New York City Bus Service $135/$270

More China Vacations Just Released! is thrilled to tell you about our newest China Vacations starting from $999. These tours cover all the most popular attractions in China including Tian’anmen Square, The Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Grand Canal, Lingering Garden, Forbidden City, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Terra-Cotta Warriors, West Lake, Panmen Gate, Zhujiajiao, Nanjing Road and much more!

So what exactly makes these tour packages such a great value? One word: INCLUSIONS! Here is what you can expect when traveling with us on one of these tours:

  • Domestic flights and transportation between cities in China
  • Special meal inclusions like Peking Duck dinner and Shanghai Mongolian Barbecue buffet lunch.
  • American style breakfasts
  • Special evening shows
  • Professional English speaking local guide service for all transfers and sightseeing
  • Comprehensive tours including entrance fees

Now is the perfect time to schedule your China  tour because you can also experience the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. This event will be held from May 1 to Oct 31, 2010. By dedicating exhibitions, events, and forums on the Expo theme, “Better City, Better Life,” Shanghai hopes to build a powerful and lasting pilot example of sustainable and harmonious urban living.

Need help planning your China getaway? Contact GotoBus for more details.

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