Incredible Value in Brazil!

New one-day sightseeing tours explore the best of Brazil. Explore some of the beaches that make up the 4,655 miles of Brazilian coastline. Or navigate your way through some of the booming metropolitan areas in Brazil. Sunscreen is a must for the sunny days and dancing shoes are required for the world renown nightlife.

Joao Pesso, tours starting from $14

Maceio, tours starting from $21

Natal, tours starting from $24

Paraty,  tours starting from $34

Recife, tours starting from $20

Rio de Janeiro, tours starting from $45

Visit Latin America!

Latin America offers travelers a land rich in history, culture, and art. It consists of countries with ancient roots, beautiful rain forests, incredible beaches, friendly locals, and exquisite foods. It is no wonder that every visitor falls in love with this land that spans from Mexico in North America, all the way to the southern tips of Chile and Argentina, two of the closest countries to the Antarctic.

Take advantage of the warm climes by booking a Latin America vacation package. Now is the perfect time to enjoy a winter getaway during Latin America’s summer months!