NYC Summers- Fun in The City!

New York City

New York, New York! No matter what time of year you visit this sprawling city, there will always be an endless series of events happening, but in summer, things really take off. Whether you’re rolling like a queen through Queens, chilling with the hipsters in Brooklyn, or living luxuriously in Manhattan, you’ll always be able to find free concerts, outdoor movie screenings, hip rooftop parties, and so much more. is a leading online marketplace where customers can book bus tickets, as well as hotel accommodations and more, from one convenient location. We also understand the importance of traveling on a tight budget, and we make it our goal to cater to the needs of such customers. And we just can’t get enough of NYC. We think it’s easily one of the most exciting cities in the whole world, so we’re always trying to sing its praises and convince people to visit. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of some events happening in the Big Apple over the next few months, making sure to throw in some that are totally free of charge, so you can enjoy the your vacation while still having plenty of money left over for souvenirs.

Shakespeare in the Park

There is a great deal to said about the fact that the iconic plays of William Shakespeare, who was alive about hundreds of years ago, are still performed today. They really prove that art contains a timeless power to reach people across time and cultures. Shakespeare in the Park, in its 53rd year, is held at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, is free (you just have to wait in line for a ticket), and runs continuously through the summer until August 23rd. This year, the park will be putting on Cymbeline, a story about a British king and his daughter. Shakespeare in the Park could potentially offer some odd surprises and quirks to theater-goers: in the past, weather-related issues have forced performances to stop-and-start at random intervals, and occasionally, some of the park’s local wildlife have made it onstage for a cameo. Boston, another city with a vibrant theatrical community, is only a few hours away. Book your bus tickets from Boston to New York starting at $18 one way!

Central Park, New York City

Swimming & More!

If you’re getting too hot, the city has about 14 miles of beaches that are loaded with activities. Take Coney Island, for example, an iconic landmark in Brooklyn, where you will find a lively boardwalk, a thrilling amusement park, and a huge cast of interesting characters. Nearby, you can also choose to go to Brighton Beach, an area traditionally filled with Russian immigrants, and Rockaway Beach, preferred by the hip, cool, and young since the Ramones named a song after it. On the New York’s Parks Department website, you view a list of the free outdoor pools in the city. Book bus tickets from Washington DC to New York for as little as $21 one-way to escape all that heated political debate!

Coney Island

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about the “Roaring 20s,” rereading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby (or watched the Leonardo DiCaprio movie) over and over, and dressing up in your zoot-suit or flapper gown for a night of swing dancing? Or, instead, do you find that you don’t understand any of those references? Either way, you should check out this Jazz Age Lawn Party, an exciting outdoor event on Governor’s Island, scheduled for the weekend of August 15th. You’ll be able to dance the Charleston, Lindy Hop, or a bunch of other dance styles that you’ve never heard of (don’t worry: there will be people there to help teach you!). Tickets for the party start at $35. Chicago is another city with a deep history in the Prohibition Era, so this would be a great way for visitors from that area to connect to their own local history. Book your bus tickets from Chicago to New York for as little as $60 one-way.

Jazz Age Lawn Party, NYC

Waterfight NYC

Ready, aim, fire! When was the last time you were in a water-gun battle? Most of you probably couldn’t remember anything more specific than “When I was a kid.” And you know what? That’s lame! Water-guns are a blast (get it?) for all ages. This is obvious to the organizers of Waterfight NYC, an annual free-for-all water-fight welcome to all. Though the exact time of this event have yet to be revealed, we know that on July 25th, a massive crowd (last year, thousands of participants unleashed their battle cries!) will gather on Central Park’s Great Lawn for this ultimate showdown, the water-gun battle to end all water-gun battles. This event is free to attend; you just need to remember to arm yourself with finest in Nerf technology. Book your bus tickets from Atlanta to New York starting at just $35 one-way.

water fight

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Tufesa Introduces New Routes to Mexico!

Mexico border

We are always hard at work trying to expand our network of bus routes. We’ve even begun to cross some international borders, and we are very proud to announce that one of our vendors, Tufesa, is now offering bus tickets to Mexico!

Just across the U.S.-Mexican border from San Diego, CA, Tijuana is a popular destination for young people in their late 20s looking to get wild in paradise, offering one of the most vibrant nightlife’s of all North American cities, loaded with exciting beaches and hip nightclubs to excite those who like to live on the wild side! The Avenida Revolucion (nicknamed “La Revo”) is supposed to be the central area to find all the most exciting clubs and bars.

Thanks to Tufesa, you can now book tickets to Tijuana and back from some of the major metro areas in the western U.S., including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Jose, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City. Individually, each of these cities has plenty of sights to see and fun experiences to offer visitors, but here’s a thought: why don’t you visit one of these exciting places with a few nights south of the border under the warm Mexican sun? This sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the summer.

Just check out some of the great deals you can get on Tufesa’s most popular Mexico routes!

Phoenix to Guadalajara bus tickets $197+  Guadalajara

Phoenix to Nogales bus tickets $41+

Los Angeles to Tijuana bus tickets $30+

Los Angeles to Hermosillo bus tickets $107+

Salt Lake City to Nogales bus tickets $172+

Las Vegas to Mazatlan bus tickets $206+

Las Vegas to Culican bus tickets $186+

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Intercalifornias Added to Connecting California and Mexico


GotoBus has signed a new partnership with Intercalifornias, who has been providing transportation between cities in California and Mexico for 25 years. Looking for near-the-border shopping & dining experiences or want to see first-hand what Mexico has to offer? Leave the driving to Intercalifornias!

Service from Fresno starts at $32 one-way and buses are already up and running. Book your trip today on!

Fresno, CA to San Ysidro, CA

Fresno, CA to Tijuana, MEX

Fresno, CA to Los Angeles, CA

Fresno, CA to Mexicali, MEX

San Jose, CA to Los Angeles, CA

San Jose, CA to Tijuana, MEX

San Jose, CA to Mexicali, MEX

San Jose, CA to San Ysidro, CA

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GotoBus Offers Daily Service between Orange County, CA and Las Vegas, NV through Partnership with Viajes Azteca Futura

GotoBus, the leading online bus ticketing service, is happy to announce the launch of a new route operated by Viajes Azteca Futura providing daily service between Orange County, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Orange County bus stops are located in Lake Forest and Orange, CA. Bus tickets are $49 one way or $79 round trip for this new service.

This new route expands upon Viajes Azteca Futura’s current bus services which cover Los Angeles, San Fernando, San Ysidro, CA and Tijuana, Mexico.

Viajes Azteca Futura’s fare information is as follows:

Orange, CA – Las Vegas, NV ($49/$79)

Lake Forest, CA – Las Vegas, NV ($49/$79)

Los Angeles, CA – San Fernando, CA ($10/$15)

Los Angeles, CA – San Ysidro, CA ($20; child 3-9: $16)

Los Angeles, CA – Tijuana, Mexico ($30; child 3-9: $26)

All prices were accurate at the time of publishing. Full schedules and ticketing information can be found at Viajes Azteca Futura is one of over 200 bus and tour operators, including the Chinatown bus whose services are marketed by GotoBus.

Los Angeles to Tijuana Bus Service

GotoBus has just released a daily Los Angeles to Tijuana bus service for $30 one way. This service, provided by Viajes Azteca Futura, departs from East Los Angeles and makes stops at the San Ysidro Border Crossing, Tijuana International Airport, and Tijuana bus central. Book online to reserve your seat today.

If you are planning a trip south of the border you may also want to check out our other Mexico Tours.


For your next trip why not go south of the border and visit Mexico? Mexico is the fifth largest country in the Americas and is well known for its beautiful beaches and Meso-American ruins. Some top Mexican destinations to check out are Cancun, Tijuana, Ensenada,and Cabo San Lucas.

Mexico is a great destination because there are so many things to do. You can go scuba diving, take a cruise, go horseback riding on the beach, ride ATVs, swim with dolphins, go shopping, go clubbing, take a city tour or visit Chichen Itza. Mix and match some of these activities to make your vacation to Mexico one to remember!