GotoBus Making Joint Effort with Green Streets Initiative for Sustainability partnered up with Cambridge non-profit organization, bringing awareness to bus riders.

 Bus-travel search website recently announced a new partnership with Cambridge local non-profit organization Green Streets Initiative. The endeavor will hopefully inspire more travelers to choose a sustainable way of traveling, especially for the Boston local communities.

Green Streets Initiative holds a Walk/Ride Day each month, asking participants to change their ways of commute for a day. As a result, commuters can reflect on the impact of the daily commute on finances, health, and the environment. As their most recent retail partner, will be offering promo codes to Green Street Initiative active members. Starting from today, participants of Walk/Ride Day can receive a 5% off discount on bus tickets from New York to Boston.  The upcoming Walk/Ride Day will take place on Friday, March 29 (sign up here). 

Green Streets Walk/Ride Day Celebration

With the growing trend of eco-friendly commute and green travel, people are more conscious of the carbon emission of daily transportations. According to the 2018 energy report of U.S Energy Information Administration, trains and buses consume only 3% of total energy used by the transportation industry. As a leading bus-ticket booking platform in the U.S, is dedicated to offering consumers affordable and eco-friendly alternatives for inter-city transportations. 

To emphasize on the daily commute by bus, Green Streets Initiative made June Bus Month, during which they will hold several public events for green travel commuters. A breakfast gathering will take place on June 28, 2019, at the Whole Foods Market in Somerville, MA.

Winners of the 2016 GotoBus Certificate of Excellence

Time to Congratulate the Winners of the 2016 GotoBus Certificate of Excellence


Winners of the 2016 GotoBus Certificate of Excellence
2016 GotoBus Certificate of Excellence

Did you know that you can fill out a survey to rate the bus company on your recent trip? And that you will also earn 100 points for every time you do so?
You better believe it. Here at GotoBus, we value your opinion. We want to hear what you have to say about the service you have received. That’s why we give you the opportunity to rate the bus company on the service provided. The companies that achieve the best star rating will be the winners of the GotoBus Certificate of Excellence.

Winners of the 2016 GotoBus Certificate of Excellence

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Charter Bus Rental Services Available at GotoBus

Get Your Instant Quote For Charter Rental Services. Now Available at GotoBus

Are you planning a trip with some family members or a group of friends? Now you can get your instant quote for a group travel of any size. Here at GotoBus, we make it easier for you! With the new booking engine for charter bus service you can customize your trip the way you want it.

Charter Bus Rental Services Available at GotoBus

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Introducing a New Search Box for Better Booking Experience!

GotoBus logo has just released a redesigned, more-user-friendly search box to help you book your bus tickets more quickly and easily than ever!

The new search box is now located on top of the webpage, instead of on the left side. It will be visible from every step of the booking experience in case you need to change the inputs for a new search and will have the same functionality as the previous one. There is an upgraded feature that allows you to easily toggle between departure city and arrival city.

For more than 10 years, GotoBus has connected travelers to the largest selection of bus companies in the United States, making it easy to quickly book and compare schedules, prices, and pick-up/drop-off locations for over 300 companies. With the ever-changing travel industry, we are always striving to make your experience better, and truly think you will enjoy the recent changes!

To access our new-and-improved search box and booking experience, please visit If you have any comments or suggestions on this updated feature, please email us at

Happy travels! Releases its Mobile Site

Here at, we are very proud to announce the release of our new mobile website! We wanted to give you the possibility to book your bus tickets anywhere you are and anytime you want. You no longer need to wait to get home, or struggle with your phone trying to get your seats booked for the next bus. Whether you’re on the subway, at a restaurant or in a taxi on your way to the bus stop, GotoBus just made your on-the-go booking process faster and easier.

The optimized GotoBus mobile-friendly site allows you to compare bus schedules from different bus companies, and book bus tickets on a snap. You can also track the bus status for your booked bus trip so you always stay informed for any last minute information. Additionally, you will be able to access your booking history, and show your e-ticket directly to the bus company without going to your inbox looking for your confirmation e-mail. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the mobile self-rescheduling option.

Whether you are booking tickets for a weekend getaway, a long-awaited family trip, or maybe you have a spur of the moment decision to go somewhere, we bring you a convenient solution to book your bus tickets online and just go!

To experience GotoBus’ mobile site, visit on your smartphone today. We hope you enjoy it.

Travelers can now track the status of their bus schedule on

For more than 10 years, has connected travelers to the largest selection of bus services in the United States. GotoBus continues to develop and grow by providing users with friendly tools that enhance an easy-to-use online bus booking system. With free services like self-rescheduling, 24/7 live-chat support, and seamless e-ticketing, is the most comprehensive bus portal on the web.

To provide a better user experience, GotoBus has released a new feature that allows travelers to track their bus status. Customers who book their e-tickets on can now check live updates about their bus schedules with the Track Bus Status tool. gathers the up-to-date schedule status from the bus companies to keep passengers informed about any schedule changes. This new feature allows customers to find out if the bus will be on time, delayed, or has been cancelled.

To use Track Bus Status, simply enter your schedule’s ID, which is located on your e-ticket, to find the latest update on your scheduled trip. You may also find the status information by entering the location of your departure and destination cities along with your travel date. This feature will be live soon on a mobile-friendly website that will give you alerts-on-the-go!

Check out this new feature by going to:

Check-in with the GotoBus iPhone App

Go paperless with the new GotoBus iPhone App. Bus operators are now able to check schedules and passenger lists right from their iPhone.

Download the GotoBus App for Free!

“Customers may use this application to substitute printed tickets with digital tickets to check into a bus and tour service that they have booked. Bus operators may use this application to search a valid ticket with customer name or confirmation number. Bus operators can also view all customers booked on any bus or tour schedule to check in valid customers.”

Get the best deal with Travel Companion!

Traveling in a group is a great way to save. With GotoBus specials like “Buy 2 Tickets Get the 3rd Free” and “5% Group Discount” it makes sense to travel with as many people as possible. GotoBus is now offering a new service that can help you connect with fellow tour goers so you can get the best deal!

With Travel Companion, post a request with info about what tour you want to take and when you want to go. Or search existing posts with someone that has similar travel interests. Now you can take advantage of group discounts by finding other people to travel with!