Vegas! Laughlin! London Bridge! A $99 Bus Tour

This is an article featured in L.A. Times by Rosemary McClure, a talented writer at L.A. Times who took our L.A. to Grand Canyon 3 day tour. This is really an interesting, offbeat read! I have quoted the first part of the article and attached the article link to the post.

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Vegas! Laughlin! London Bridge! A $99 bus tour

Throw in the Grand Canyon for a bargain 3-day roundtrip tour from Los Angeles.

By Rosemary McClure, Times Staff Writer

May 17, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada

The online advertisement listed a jaw-dropping price: Three days of sightseeing, including transportation, hotels and entertainment, for $99.

“No way,” I told a colleague. “You probably end up spending $99 on the tour and $70,000 on a time share in Barstow.”

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But the cheapie tour was a genuine deal — and there was never a timeshare pitch. For less money than I spent on my last trip to the supermarket, I was whisked to the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. I had some spine-tingling moments of adventure; I got a taste of international travel; and I had a little time left over to shop, gamble and sightsee.
I even acquired a new name: Tammy Chan. And Times photographer Anne Cusack, who accompanied me, was re-christened Becky Wong. But more about that later.

This low-cost bus tour was part of a burgeoning segment of the U.S. travel industry that caters to budget vacationers. Cut-rate companies, based mainly on the East and West coasts, advertise on the Internet and are sharply competitive, offering sightseeing tours for about a third the price of many long-established companies. They slash prices, cut corners — so there’s a definite element of surprise, risk and adventure in traveling with them. But the bottom line is this: With transportation and hotels included, this bus trip was a genuine travel bargain, albeit with some downsides.

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