GotoBus – 9 Years of Advocating Bus Safety

Concerns over the safety of bus travel have been brought to question after two fatal accidents this month. On March 12th, a bus returning to NY from a Connecticut casino tipped on it’s side, killing 15 passengers. On March 14th, a bus traveling from NY to Philadelphia struck a guard rail, killing 2 passengers. No passengers were injured on March 14th when a passenger aboard a BoltBus bound for Baltimore called police of the suspected drunken driver for the bus. The driver was arrested after failing field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. Lastly, on March 22nd a non-fatal accident in New Hampshire occurred when a bus heading to New Jersey rolled over on the highway.

These events of the past two weeks have been tragic and unacceptable. Since these accidents have occurred, state and federal authorities are carrying out rules and regulations in a more aggressive manner. It is disappointing that it took incidents of negligence to motivate a more proactive enforcement of existing regulations. The service providers responsible need to be held accountable for any oversights. stands behind the federal and state regulations and higher safety standards for the entire bus industry.

Media coverage has focused mainly on budget bus operators such as Chinatown Bus as the violators of safety protocol. The fact of the matter is that the bus industry as a whole needs better compliance on rules and regulations. Increased amounts of spot checks, more random inspections, and higher penalties are helpful from time to time, consistent efforts are really needed to improve the safety and service quality of the entire bus industry.

For 9 years, GotoBus has consistently advocated bus safety. Although we have witnessed the steady progress on safety matters in the bus industry, there is a lot of room for improvement.

As a third party between bus travelers and bus operators, GotoBus helps bus operators improve their quality of services while booking bus tickets online. Bus travelers contact GotoBus to take action when they spot negligence of certain bus drivers, such as spending too much time on phones or driving recklessly. GotoBus regularly works with the Better Business Bureau on customer complaints for bus operators.  In our 9 years of business operations, we have always placed the safety and satisfaction of the traveler above all else. The recent negative coverage on the bus industry has heightened the awareness of the appropriate authorities. We hope that this will help spur positive progress towards safer services for the bus industry as a whole.

We invite you, as a new customer to try’s services, or, as a repeating customer to send us reviews and feedback for us to improve our online services as well as the services of underlining bus operators.

Have a safe trip on bus through, and let us know how the drivers are doing.

Jimmy Chen
President & CEO