Green Travel on a Budget: Tips and Resources

Green travel continues to be the top travel trend in 2019, as more eco-conscious tourists are making an effort to plan a sustainable and eco-friendly travel experience. Here are some tips and resources you may find useful.

Choose a green destination

If you have not yet had a determined place to go, just Google “Green Destinations” and search for inspirations.  If you wish to travel within the United States, Niagara Falls and Yellowstone National Park are both highly recommended green destinations.

Click here to see the top 100 sustainable destinations around the world!

Plan ahead for more affordable price

As known to all, the cost of accommodations and transportation services could go drastically high if you do not book ahead of time– especially when you are traveling on public holidays. Remember good deals sell fast. Therefore the most important thing we should keep in mind is to always make plans in advance. 

Transportation is critical

In 2018, Rhodium reports that carbon emissions by transportation maintained its position to be the largest source of US greenhouse gas emissions for the third year running. Rapid growth in air travel contributes to the overall demand for jet fuel by 3.0%. A greener and more economical transportation method are intercity buses. Comparing to other transportation methods, intercity buses are no doubt the most flexible and low-cost option, which also covers the most grounds.

Find a bus for your desired destination !

Packing light – but bring all you need

Packing light is another essential element when it comes to travelling green. Most people will not realize the impact of a heavy luggage. Not only will you risk of paying extra, but also will it harm the atmosphere. Having to carry a heavier weight, your transportation (bus, train, or airplane) will emit more greenhouse gas – which we are trying to avoid. However, there are some nitty-gritties you will need to bring, here’s a simple checklist:

  • Bring eco-friendly toiletries with minimum packaging
  • Wear reef-safe Sunscreen to protect yourself and the ocean/lake creatures
  • Utilize reusable water bottles and utensils to reduce your plastic trails
  • Carry a backpack or shopping bag, just in case you need extra room
  • more details on how to travel light? Click here

What to do other than sightseeing?

There are so many things you can do other than sightseeing while traveling. Spend a day exploring local communities and treat yourself with a delicious meal, learn about the local history and culture. Or you can go shopping from local merchants, where there is lower transaction cost (economical and environmental). If you have the time and energy, you should always look for local green initiatives and non-profit organizations, and see if there is anything you could help them out with! Other than just having fun during the trip, you will be making an effort to make the world a better place. After all, the earth treats us so generously with so many wonders, it is our turn to give back.

Newport News to the Nationals Capital

The Jewel of the Virginian Peninsula, Newport News, is now connected

New York <> Fayetteville Bus Service $50/$100

The duration of this trip is approximately 10 Hours and the service provided by SkyExpress.

Here are some other trips between New York and North Carolina…

New York <> Charlotte Bus Service $30/$60

New York <> Durham Bus Service $30/$60

New York <> Greensboro Bus Service $30/$60

New York <> Raleigh Bus Service $30/$60

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GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe

Looking for bus tickets in Europe? GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe

GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe
Traveling in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Planning a trip to Europe?

At, we are proud to announce the expansion of our bus ticketing services in Europe! The first schedules have been released in partnership with Student Agency, a leading bus operator based in the Czech Republic. We expect to release more bus routes across Europe in the upcoming months as we partner with the major bus companies in the region. Yay! GotoBus expands bus routes to Europe!

GotoBus Expands Bus Routes to Europe
GotoBus Europe Bus Coverage

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Travel To Canada With Affordable Bus Tickets

This Summer Travel To Canada With Affordable Bus Tickets: Where To Go?

Travel To Canada With Affordable Bus Tickets
Chateau Frontenac in the day with colorful buildings on street in Quebec City

Taking the bus to Canada may not be the number one type of transportation that comes to mind when planning your trip from the US. There are plenty of other mode of transportation options available for you to choose, from the convenience of taking a plane, to the classic and well trusted train commute. However, we want to introduce you to affordable bus tickets and the cities you can travel to in Canada.

Bus Tickets to Vancouver

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3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!


Well, not quite yet, but the big night is right around the corner, and GotoBus is here to help you travel to some of the most exciting destinations across the country to close out 2016 with a bang.

As always, New York City will host its annual ball drop in Times Square, the largest New Year’s celebration in the world, which attracts an estimated one million spectators. From 6 PM to midnight, the streets are packed with people ready to turn the page to a new chapter in their lives, making resolutions for self-improvement, and seeking out that special someone for a New Year’s kiss. For decades, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve will host live musical performances. This year will feature one of the most influential music artists in the US, Mariah Carey.

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Green Travel & Living – Here’s What You Can Do!

Did you ever feel like saying to people: Green Travel & Living – Here’s What You Can Do!

Green Travel & Living - Here's What You Can Do!

We hope you’ve had a great new year so far! We wanted to try something a little different with this blog, and write about various ways you can be a little more green-friendly. Helping our environment starts with you! Here are some tips on how to live and travel greener! Green Travel & Living – Here’s What You Can Do!


  • At home, try setting your thermostat a few degrees higher during the summer months and a few degrees lower during the winter months. This will not only save energy but money as well!
  • Conserve water by taking showers instead of baths and turning the faucet on only as needed when you are brushing your teeth.
  • Instead of using disposable bottled water, purchase a refillable water bottle; they’re extremely convenient to tote between work, school, the gym, and for traveling purposes. Having one also cuts down on the amount of discarded plastic bottles cluttering up your trash/recycle bins.
  • Pack light, leaving unnecessary items at home, and bring refillable shampoo bottles etc. with you, instead of using disposable, store-bought brand bottles. We recommend purchasing refillable bottles in government-approved sizes. Check the Department of Homeland Security‘s official website for the latest information on this. Tip: Many of your local stores will even carry TSA-approved bottles that are also dishwasher safe!
  • Respect the environment you are in – don’t try to touch any wild animals (land OR sea) you encounter. Another important rule to follow is to not touch coral when scuba diving or snorkeling. They are sharper than they appear, and can leave you with nasty, infected cuts. Coral is a living animal; when touched, it can get sick, and ultimately.
  • When choosing dining options, consider eating and buying locally to assist the local economy.
  • Staying green should continue as you travel. Please remember your efforts while you are away. A little can go a long way! Clean up after yourself, and please do not leave any trash behind.

Green Travel & Living - Here's What You Can Do!


Everyone here at is always looking for ways to help keep Mother Earth GREEN! These are just a few suggestions we came up with; there are many, many ways you can help! For other ways you can contribute, including using environmentally friendly transportation, check out our Green Travel Page! – Find the bus that’s right for you!

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Services of a few Bus Operators Suspended

A very few bus operators (6 bus operators) have suspended all sales of their bus tickets, following a collective act by DOT FMCSA towards Chinatown bus companies.

Alternative services to these routes are available at GotoBus has been in the process to reschedule or refund bus tickets for the affected customers who booked tickets for these 6 operators since May 30, 2012. is an independent online bus ticketing company that is not involved in any bus operations. GotoBus has always put customer safety first, and will continue to do so as the industry moves forward from this unprecedented event.

Change of plans? Reschedule your ticket online at

Things come up, plans change, and your travel plans are no exception. We at GotoBus understand that your schedule isn’t always set in stone. That’s why we offer an easy to use reschedule system that allows you to change your reservation in just a few short steps.

With your GotoBus account, simply log in to have access to your bookings. If you don’t already have a GotoBus account, you can retrieve your tickets after signing up for one. From there you are able to print your e-ticket as well as reschedule your trip. Rescheduling policies differ between service providers – full policy details are available at the bottom of your e-ticket as well as in the reschedule prompt.

For more information, watch our instructional rescheduling videos. Have a nice trip!

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