New Turkey Getaways! has just released 15 new Turkey Getaways! These vacation packages range in duration from 5-17 days and start at only $695. The tours depart from Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Marmaris.

Here is a just a taste of some of the sites you will get to see and experience on your Turkey Vacation: Topkapi Palace, Saint Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Mausoleum of Ataturk, Goreme open air museum, Kaymakli underground city, Ephesus, Mother Mary House, Temple of Arthemis, Pergamum Acropol, Troy, Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, Conk Baire and more.

If you want to really treat yourself to an amazing vacation and cruising experience you might want to try our 17-Day Classical Turkey with Greek Island Cruising. On this extravaganza you will tour the cities of Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, and Canakkale. The cruise portion of your journey will take you through Bodrum Port, Kos Island, Nisiros, Tilos, Rhodes, Simi, Datca, and Datca. Contact us to book your travel to Turkey now!

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Loyalty Program (Beta)

Have you signed up for our loyalty program yet? If you already have a GotoBus account you can simply log in to start earning points for doing what you love most…traveling!

Every time you shop online at GotoBus or review our products you can collect points that can be used for future travel.

How to Earn Points:
1. Add the product to your shopping cart to see how many points you’ll receive by purchasing it.
2. Make sure you LOG IN to your GotoBus account before you make the purchase. No login=no way to track your points!

Important Things to Remember:
1. The points are added to your account AFTER your date of travel. You can check your points total online at any time.

How to Redeem Points:
1.Visit our Rewards Center to select the travel product that you would like to buy with your points. You must have enough points in your account to purchase the product in full.

Have more questions or want to read the fine print? Check out our loyalty program terms and conditions.

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How to Find the Best Tour Deals

It finally feels like summer and families everywhere are trying to squeeze in a late summer getaway. Some of our customers have asked us how to find the best deals on our web site so that they can make the most of their budget. Well, today is your lucky day! Here are some tips to help you find the very best prices GotoBus has to offer.

1. A great place to start to look for the best prices are on the GotoBus homepage and deals page. These places are where we feature new sales and our most popular tour packages.

2. If you already know your departure city, select it from the drop down tour search menu and click “search.” On the results page you can further filter your search (located below the search box on left hand side of the screen) and check “Promotion Only.” This will narrow your search so that you only see our promotions like the Buy 2 Get the 3rd Ticket Free options. Another option is that you may select “Sort By: Prices from Low.” This way you can see the cheapest overall options right away.

**Bonus Tip: Travel with family and friends to save more money. Booking a double, triple, or quadruple occupancy room will score you a lower price per person.

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Stay Overnight in the West Grand Canyon!

Want to spend the night at the Grand Canyon to enjoy the gorgeous sunset and sunrise? Visit the most popular attractions at rock bottom prices.

Make sure to book our popular tours which include hotel stays in the West Rim.

See Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Kolob Canyon, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, Grand Teton, Idaho Falls and the Grand Canyon West Rim!

LA to Grand Canyon West In-depth 2-Day Tour $98+

LA to Grand Canyon West, Las Vegas In-depth 3-Day Tour $139+

Yellowstone, Grand Canyon West 7-day tour $468+

Visit GotoBus for Grand Canyon tour packages and more information.

Don’t miss these deals!

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Luxury Bus Tours

So what is the difference between a “budget tour” and a luxury or deluxe tour? Luxury tours, while more expensive than your average budget tour, provides many additional comforts which oftentimes include superior hotel accomodations and highly knowledgable tour guides. Sometimes these tours also feature special inclusions like meals or admissions fares.

Many extended vacation packages also fall into the luxury tour category. These tours tend to be longer and range between 5 to 17 days. These tours are best for travelers who have lots of time to enjoy their travels and want to visit many destinations. For those with the time and the means, we highly recommend checking out our bi-coastal tours to see the wonders of the American coasts.

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Getting what you came for- How to select the best touring option

Many travelers ask us about our services and what they can expect from their tour guide. Will I be tied to the hip of my guide or be left to navigate on my own? The answer to that question is “It depends.” Before booking a tour you should think about your personality traits and the needs of your traveling companions. Selecting the tour that best fits your personality will allow you to make the most of your vacation and ensure that you get what you were expecting.

GotoBus currently offers three levels of touring options. You can find the tour level listed in the tour details.

Level 1:
If you like to wander free and explore new places on your own then a Level 1- Unescorted tour is your best bet.

Level 1– Unescorted Tour: Essentially a self-guided tour. You will have transfers between activities and accommodations but there will no one organizing activities for you.

Check out a Level 1– Unescorted Tour

Level 2:
If you prefer having someone around to answer questions and troubleshoot problems a Level 2—Semi-Guided Tour would be a good option.

Level 2—Semi-Guided Tour: Tour guide will organize the group and arrange for any optional attractions and meal stops. These tours are perfect for those who like some structure to the day, but want more free time and meals on their own. Tour guide will be available to assist passengers if any problems arise.

Check out a Level 2—Semi-Guided Tour

Level 3:
If you enjoy having a knowledgeable guide who can tell you about the historical significance of the sites you are seeing then I would recommend a Level 3–Fully-Guided Tour.

Level 3–Fully-Guided Tour: Tour guide will organize the group and arrange for any optional attractions and meal stops. In addition, the guide will conduct an informative tour of sights throughout the trip. The tour may be conducted in more than one language.

Check out a Level 3–Fully-Guided Tour

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Customer Feedback: East Coast 5 Day Deluxe Tour Package, $345

“We are now home after taking the pat2247 trip with Mike as our guide. We think he was just wonderful and that the trip was out of this world, we saw so much and enjoyed it all very much. Our only regret was that we could not keep up to everyone due to our age, lots of walking, the rooms were super, the driver good & safe, our fellow passengers all very nice, it was perfect, we loved the trip and will tell everyone how good it was. Thank – You Mike. ps we also enjoyed Mario.”

For more information about the East Coast 5 Day Deluxe Tour Package, $345, please visit

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5 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Bus Tour

Planning a trip can be exhausting. You finally decided to take a bus tour, which include the transportation, hotels, a well-planned itinerary, plus a travel expert who have the insider scoop and will guide you through the journey.

Nice, isn’t it? You get on the bus, put down your luggage, kick back, and someone will take care of the rest. However, before getting on the bus, there is some homework for you to do. We have designed a five-step guide for you to easily find your perfect bus tour.

1. Going through a Travel Agency.

This is a world of collaboration. Instead of hitting tens and hundreds of different tour operators, a smart way will be going through a travel agency where you can compare all the tour itineraries, schedules and prices all in one stop. Online travel agencies have gone a long way to make it easy for travelers to search their trips efficiently by key words, times and locations. A lot of times travel agencies also offer additional discounts and promotional vacation packages for those who travel on a tight budget.

2. Knowing your Limits.

Before planning for a trip, ask yourself some questions: Where does the trip start? For how many days? Where are the places you want to visit? And how much do you plan to spend without breaking your bank? Most of the online travel sites allow travelers to search for trips by using the 3 Ds: Departure, Destination, and Duration.

Another question that is commonly neglected by travelers is “How intense the bus tour you want it to be?” Do you want to visit lots of places in a weekend getaway, or you want to take it slow by staying in one place? With an escorted tour, visiting a lot of attractions in a short amount of time maybe perfect for those who want to get the most out of their journey; however, not so much for those who prefer to relax and take their time. If you’re not sure about the intensity of the tour, pick up your phone and call the agency to talk to a real person.

3. What is Included?

As the travel industry gets fiercely competitive, travel agencies are tightening their margins to attract more customers. It is not uncommon for travelers to find too-good-to-be-true travel deals with a little extra time and effort researching online. However, what you see is not always what you get. For a bus tour, transportation and accommodation are almost always included. Other factors you might want to take into account include: Does the tour provide airport/hotel pick-up? Which attractions are paid for and which ones are optional (admission fees not included)? Is the travel insurance included? What hotels are you staying in?

4. What Language Do You Speak?

This one seems obvious but is neglected very often. Most of travel agencies in the U.S. require tour guides who speak English. However, there are many tours out there that are guided by people who speak multiple languages. It is not uncommon to find someone who is trilingual and can guide a tour in fluent English, Spanish, and Chinese. For those who speak English as a second language, it could be nice to find a tour that is guided in your mother tongue. On the other hand, if you prefer the tour guide to speak one language instead of switching among five other languages, you might want to avoid multiple language tours.

5. Rules, Rules, Rules

Is there a refund policy? What is the cancellation policy? Do they take credit card or check? Visit the website and understand the legal aspect of the agency will not only protect you for your rights, but also give you some ideas of when and how you want to book a tour.

Afterall, knowing what to expect and plan ahead is always the safest way to enjoy your trip!

For more information about escorted bus tours and great travel deals, visit, a leading online travel agency offers bus tours and vacation packages throughout more than 200 operators in the U.S. and Canada.

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Customer Feedback: New York to Washington D.C. 2 Day Tour

This is an email from one of our customers who took the NYC to DC two day tour.

“Hello, I would like to thank you very much for the tour to Washington DC last weekend. It was really great. Everything was organized very well. The tour guide (Steve) gave us a lot of interesting information, the pace and the timing were perfect. Thanks once more.”

Please find more information about our NYC to Washington D.C. 2 Day Tour, $85, at:

Again, thanks Steve and all our terrific tour guides who take pride in their work and try their best to give our customers a lifelong experience. 🙂

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