Getting what you came for- How to select the best touring option

Many travelers ask us about our services and what they can expect from their tour guide. Will I be tied to the hip of my guide or be left to navigate on my own? The answer to that question is “It depends.” Before booking a tour you should think about your personality traits and the needs of your traveling companions. Selecting the tour that best fits your personality will allow you to make the most of your vacation and ensure that you get what you were expecting.

GotoBus currently offers three levels of touring options. You can find the tour level listed in the tour details.

Level 1:
If you like to wander free and explore new places on your own then a Level 1- Unescorted tour is your best bet.

Level 1– Unescorted Tour: Essentially a self-guided tour. You will have transfers between activities and accommodations but there will no one organizing activities for you.

Check out a Level 1– Unescorted Tour

Level 2:
If you prefer having someone around to answer questions and troubleshoot problems a Level 2—Semi-Guided Tour would be a good option.

Level 2—Semi-Guided Tour: Tour guide will organize the group and arrange for any optional attractions and meal stops. These tours are perfect for those who like some structure to the day, but want more free time and meals on their own. Tour guide will be available to assist passengers if any problems arise.

Check out a Level 2—Semi-Guided Tour

Level 3:
If you enjoy having a knowledgeable guide who can tell you about the historical significance of the sites you are seeing then I would recommend a Level 3–Fully-Guided Tour.

Level 3–Fully-Guided Tour: Tour guide will organize the group and arrange for any optional attractions and meal stops. In addition, the guide will conduct an informative tour of sights throughout the trip. The tour may be conducted in more than one language.

Check out a Level 3–Fully-Guided Tour

Author: Israel M

Israel Montesinos is an ocean lover, social media & marketing specialist, travel blogger aficionado, zumba fan & instructor certified who enjoys traveling to a new destination every year and likes to taste authentic traditional food wherever he goes.