Good Reasons for Choosing Bus Travel in Europe

Thinking about traveling by bus? Here are good reasons for choosing bus travel in Europe

Good Reasons for Choosing Bus Travel in Europe
The Tourist Town of St. Wolfgang in Austria

 1. Environmental friendly travel

One of the good reasons for choosing bus travel in Europe is the distance between cities and to know how close the countries are. For example, you can easily travel from Germany to France to Italy and back north to the Czech Republic in a matter of a few days, and, more important, for a very reasonable fee. Bus travel in Europe is one of the most affordable ways to travel these days, not to mention one of the most environmentally friendly! Because many European cities have very old city centers, modern transportation hubs like airports and train stations were built on the outskirts of these cities. However, buses are able to drive right into the city centers to drop passengers off, meaning that you’ll be able to get off the bus and waste no time in starting your exploration.

Good Reasons for Choosing Bus Travel in Europe
Yellow Bus from Student Agency Bus Operator

2. Affordable pricing and convenience service

Though the name of the company is Student Agency, that doesn’t mean you have to be a student to travel with them or be eligible for their low rates. The founders of the company chose that name because they believe that, no matter what our age, we can always still learn and discover new things by traveling the world. Student Agency is quickly becoming one of Europe’s leading bus operators. With their affordable pricing and convenient service, it’s easy to see why. Student Agency offers international bus services to popular European destinations like Prague, London, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and so many more.

3. Buses equipped with WiFi, on-demand service,        and steward onboard

The reason why customers appreciate their services, aside from the affordable fares, comes down to the comfort level onboard their buses. There is always plenty of space to stretch your legs. On top of that, there is a steward onboard who offers guests drinks, snacks, and even newspapers during the trip. The buses are equipped with WiFi, and an on-demand service allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows while you travel. This company also has a great reputation for letting customers know about any delays due to traffic. On top of that, their busses are interconnected, which means, for example, if you are traveling from Bratislava to Brussels with a transfer in Prague, if the first bus is late, the second one in Prague will wait until you have arrived. This is a quality that you may not fully appreciate unless your travel plans have been messed up by delays that were out of your control.

4. Buses will get you all around Europe with ease

With Student Agency’s routes, you’ll be able to get all around Europe with ease. If you’re in Prague, for example, you can easily get to other exciting cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Bratislava, and Vienna. There is even a Prague to London bus that makes a stop in Brussels; this is an excellent way to capitalize on three of Europe’s top destinations on one easy trip. Why not base your dream vacation around Prague, a city filled with history and beautiful architecture that will make you feel like you’re time traveling to a long-past era? That way, you’ll be able to zip up to Frankfurt, Germany, a city that seamlessly blends its Gothic history with its modern industrial importance? Or, perhaps, Paris, one of the most popular destinations in the world, a hub for art, music, and culture? The possibilities are vast, but with a little help from Student Agency and, you can craft your ideal, custom vacation with just a few clicks.

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