GotoBus Voted in Excellent Service Awards for 2018

GotoBus picked out our 2018 Excellent Service Award winners, bus companies with a proven record of outstanding performance. Congratulations!


The winning bus companies are selected from over 100 vendors currently working with us. The 2018 winners were: Eastern Bus, Tufesa, Focus Travel, CashWorld, PeterPan Bus, Hoang Express, OurBus, Greatwall, Sprinter Bus, Tripper Bus, Super Tours of Orlando, Atop Bus, ShunFeng Bus, Betty Bus, Power Coach Line, and Ocean Travel (See the full list and their services here.) Among which, half of the operators are on a streak, winning the certificate more than twice. established the award program in 2014. We are aiming to inspire bus operators ways to lift their performances, as well as to help travelers locating reliable bus schedules.


There is a set of requirements the bus vendors need to meet up with. Among them, travelers’ feedback is the most important. After all, we value the opinion of our customers utmost. Overall, the winning bus companies must achieve a 4-star rating while maintaining a minimum complaint rate.


Travelers rated their travel experiences based on 4 criteria: Bus Cleanliness, Punctuality, Staff & Service, and Comfort Level. Together the winning companies received over 4,500 reviews on our website over the past year.


The award winners offer bus schedules ranging from East Coast to West Coast. We hope these bus operators can keep up the good work and continue providing excellent service to travelers. In addition, we hope the certificate allows bus riders to make more informed decisions when comparing similar schedules.