Loyalty Program (Beta)

Have you signed up for our loyalty program yet? If you already have a GotoBus account you can simply log in to start earning points for doing what you love most…traveling!

Every time you shop online at GotoBus or review our products you can collect points that can be used for future travel.

How to Earn Points:
1. Add the product to your shopping cart to see how many points you’ll receive by purchasing it.
2. Make sure you LOG IN to your GotoBus account before you make the purchase. No login=no way to track your points!

Important Things to Remember:
1. The points are added to your account AFTER your date of travel. You can check your points total online at any time.

How to Redeem Points:
1.Visit our Rewards Center to select the travel product that you would like to buy with your points. You must have enough points in your account to purchase the product in full.

Have more questions or want to read the fine print? Check out our loyalty program terms and conditions.

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