Back to School: 3 Cheap Ways to Get You To College

Making your way back to school without hurting your wallet – Here are  3 cheap ways to get you there

Back to school season
Back to School Season

               I know. No one wants summer to end, but look on the bright side! You will be reunited with friends who live away from you, have a chance to properly show off that awesome tan you got from the beach,  and of course learn more (education is important y’all).

 But a common theme of college seems to be, YA BROKE. No worries though, we made a list of ways for you to get back to school without denting your wallet TOO much.

  • Car Pool

car pooling to college

Ask around your circle to see if anyone will be passing by you or even lives near you and is trying to road trip it back to school. All it costs is splitting the gas between the two of you (and maybe some McDonald’s stops along the way). If you and your friend are living that minimalist life, you may even be able to find a third to ride with and make the gas cost even cheaper!

  • Inter-City Bus
Inter-City Bus

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of driving, but school also isn’t far enough to fly, inter-city buses are a great way to travel on a budget! There are a number of inter-city bus lines out there and can make the search for the cheapest price intimidating, but GotoBus can help you compare all the lines at once! It’s essentially the Kayak of intercity buses. Visit GotoBus for more information about bus and schedules.

  • Amtrak/Cheap Flights

If school is a little bit further, you may want to consider train or a cheap flight. Although it may be a little late in the game to get the cheapest price, you can still use sites like Kayak in order to find the cheapest one available (you may have to resort to some layovers though).

There is not excuse for not making it to college campus. Have a blast this semester with your college buddies!

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