10 Tips for Long Distance Bus Rides

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Travel is a whole lot of fun, and that’s our motto at GotoBus. But at the same time, travel can be stressful. You can enjoy the destination, but sometimes the journey can be particularly painful, especially when you have to share a confined space with a handful of strangers. We care about our customers’ concerns and have been listening to your comments, complaints, and helpful suggestions. Following your cue, we’ve compiled some ideas for things to pack and what to stay conscious of when you’re going on a long-distance bus ride. If you take these 10 recommendations to heart, you will travel stress-free!

10 Tips for Long Distance Bus Rides
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10 Tips for Long Distance Bus Rides:

  • 1. Don’t leave your belongings unattended

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how much theft is still a problem when traveling, especially if you’re going to a major hub. Keep an eye on your luggage. This is easier when traveling with a group. Also, it’s a good idea to keep certain important items on your person at all times; these include your passport (if needed to travel) or identification, credit/debit cards to avoid financial identity theft, and any other difficult to replace items.

  • 2. Be on time!

A good thing to practice in general, but this is especially important when you are traveling on a tight schedule. Bus lines need to maintain such schedules, and if you are not present and on the bus at the scheduled departure time, you will miss the bus and may not be eligible for a refund or reschedule.

  • 3. Communicate!

If you have concerns about your voyage that you need to be addressed, you’ll never solve those problems if you don’t vocalize them. Everyone on the bus should feel secure and comfortable. If someone or something is bothering you, speak to the bus driver.

10 Tips for Long Distance Bus Rides
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  • 4. Bring necessary travel documents and plenty of cash

No matter where you go, you’ll need money. If you’re crossing international lines, you will need to travel with a passport, but be sure to bring alternative forms of identification, such as a driver’s license. It’s also better to use cash than credit cards, as the latter can be used for identity theft in the worst case scenarios. If you must travel with a credit or debit card, be sure to contact your bank or similar financial institution and let them know that you will be traveling so they don’t cancel your card for suspicious activity. Also, don’t forget your tickets! You won’t be able to go anywhere without them. Many bus companies offer electronic ticket options, but it’s also a good idea to print them out ahead of time just in case.

  • 5. Bring water and snacks

Stay hydrated! Dehydration can lead to irritability and make it difficult to sleep. If your trip is already stressful, you don’t need that extra frustration to push you over the edge. Bring some of your favorite portable comfort foods, too. Trail mix is amazing for your nutrition; grab a bag!

  • 6. Entertainment!

Long bus rides can get boring, so plan accordingly. You’ll only be able to gaze at the passing scenery out the window for so long. What you bring is entirely up to you. Are you a big reader? Bring that book you’ve been dying to start, but haven’t had the time to do so. Need to catch up on the latest Netflix series? Pack your iPad so you can binge watch on the bus. Are you an avid music lover and can’t imagine going 24 hours without listening to Beyoncé’s latest album? Neither can we! Pack headphones and a device with which you can access those sweet tunes.

10 Tips for Long Distance Bus Rides
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  • 7. Portable Charger

This one is often forgotten, but if you’re bringing electronic devices, you should invest in a portable battery charger, so you don’t run out of juice at a bad time.

  • 8. Sleeping Equipment

If it’s a particularly long ride, especially an overnight trip, you’ll probably want to catch some shut-eye. Since you’ll most likely be in an upright position, consider bringing a neck pillow that will help you feel comfortable in a bus seat. Bring a blanket for warmth. Additionally, if you have trouble sleeping on buses, consider packing ear plugs to block out distracting noises and an eye mask that will help you drift off into a restful sleep.

  • 9. Pack a light hoodie or jacket

Buses are usually heavily air-conditioned, to keep them at a consistent temperature. This can make them cold. It makes sense, though: it’s easier to put on layers to warm up than need to take them off to cool down. You can only take off so much! A light hoodie or jacket will give you something to wrap yourself up with in case you get too chilly.

10 Tips for Long Distance Bus Rides
Long distance bus ride
  • 10. Be Respectful!

Keep an open mind. The other passengers are all trying to reach their destination, too. You’re all subject to the same stresses of travel, so you don’t need to make it harder for each other.

If you follow these recommendations, we’re sure you’ll have a safe, stress-free journey. Of course, this list doesn’t cover it all; if you have any similar ideas that have helped you survive long bus rides, we would love to hear them from you! From all of us here at GotoBus.com, have a great journey!

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