Top 10 Customer Favorites from August

This past August was filled with a lot of bad news. Unemployment was on the rise and the economy is still not doing well. Many are being pressured by soaring prices at the pump and some even settled for a “staycation”, believing that they could not afford a real holiday. Too bad they didn’t find us! Bus travel is convenient, cost effective and provides a much needed getaway from life’s daily pressures.

Our customers are keenly aware that a fabulous vacation can be had on a shoestring budget. If you missed out this past month, it’s not too late to book a fall trip. Autumn is a great time to travel with cooler temperatures and less tourists. Our top attractions for the month of August were as follows:

1. Niagara Falls
2. Washington D.C
3. Philadelphia
4. Boston
5. Newport, RI
6. 1000 Islands
7. Baltimore
8. Toronto
9. Las Vegas
10. Grand Canyon

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