Welcome Back to School!

Back to school 2013It’s that time of year once again: Parents have waved their teary goodbyes, dorms have been sufficiently furnished, and classes have started. As students settle anew into life away from home, budgeting slowly makes its way into the forefront of their minds.

If, like College students across the country, living on a budget is stressing you out, get ready for some relief: GotoBus.com is here to help. We’ve assembled some of our favorite tips for living a low-cost lifestyle with the minimum amount of grief, allowing you to concentrate on the things that really matter.

  1. Don’t Look Down on Hand-Me-Downs: While there’s something to be said for that new-fabric smell, the value of secondhand items can’t be beat! Most places, especially cities, have an abundance of high-quality secondhand stores like Goodwill, and for those that don’t, there’s always Craigslist. Remember to ask friends and family to tell you before throwing housewares and furniture out– a free set of silverware or bookshelf is truly the cheapest out there.
  2. Eat in, Not Out: While ordering a pizza can be tempting on those tired weeknights, those of you who have access to a kitchen should make as much use of it as possible. Why spend more than $20 for two pizzas when you could make your own for only a few bucks? Friends can help split up both cooking duties and grocery costs as well. Invite people over for a cooking party, and have enough home-made food to last for days!
  3. Buy Used Books: This may seem obvious, but it’s one of the most important tips out there. Not only should you buy your books used, often web sites like Amazon and eBay will have even cheaper used book prices than your school’s bookstore. Older editions are cheaper than new as well, and often the changes from edition to edition are minor, especially in liberal arts majors. If you’re thorough about your price-checking, you can save massive amount on this normally-astronomical expense.
  4. Go Places with GotoBus.com: Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or off to spend a weekend away with friends, there is no better budget-friendly way to plan your bus trip than with GotoBus. Our bus vendors offer cheap and convenient services to major cities all over the country. With more than 80 departure cities, you and your friends can easily plan a budget friendly weekend getaway taking a bus to New York City! And now you can book your bus tickets more quickly and conveniently than ever with the GotoBus Mobile Site. Our new mobile format is optimized for your smartphones, meaning you can even book cheap tickets with your favorite service provider on the go!

So stop fretting and start saving! Whether you’re shopping for furniture or humoring Mom and Dad with a weekend visit, you can have peace of mind and concentrate on that first exam without having to worry about your budget. Welcome back, and good luck in the coming school year from GotoBus.com!

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