When is the Best Time to see Washington’s Cherry Blossom?

Witness the Cherry Blossom & Have the Best Time of your Life in Washington DC

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?
Beautiful View of Washington Monument

In 1912, the mayor of Tokyo sent a gift of thousands of Japanese cherry trees to Washington, D.C. as a symbol of friendship between the United States and Japan. This gift started the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is, hands down, the best time of the year to visit Washington. At GotoBus.com, this is one of our personal favorite events; we absolutely love the sight of the pink, red, and white flowers from over 1,700 trees all bloom together in a vibrant display. The way the colors of the blossoms play off the quintessential white marble of D.C.’s buildings and monuments seems like a match made in heaven.

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?
Cherry Trees along the Tidal Basin

When to go

The best time to visit Washington during the festival varies from year to year, a period known as “peak bloom,” when over 70% of the trees have blossomed. This year, peak bloom is expected to fall between March 17th and 20th and for about two weeks, you can see this breathtaking scenery in full. For as low as $15 you can take a New York to Washington DC bus

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?

Where to Go

Because the Cherry Blossom Festival attracts so many visitors each year, it is in your best interests to research some choice locations around D.C. that will offer you the best scenic views of the blossoms while also keeping you separate from the crowd. The most popular place to see this spectacle is the Tidal Basin of the Potomac River, and here, you can take beautiful photographs featuring the cherry blossoms in front of famous monuments like the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. A great way to see all the trees that sit on the riverbanks is by taking a cruise down the Potomac River. Though the Tidal Basin has the greatest density of cherry trees, there are smaller batches located around the city, such as those that line the National Mall, providing a lovely trim around the Smithsonian museums. Find special discounts on Bus + Hotel.

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?
Washington, DC at the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial during the spring cherry blossom season.

What to Do

There are also a few events planned around the festival, most notably the Opening Ceremony at the Warner Theatre on March 24th. The ceremony is a showcase for various artistic performances from world-renowned artist to keep the theme of Japanese-American relations alive and strong.  There will also be the Anacostia River Festival on April 15th  as well and the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, scheduled for April 14th. Visit the following link to find Washington DC bus tickets.  http://www.gotobus.com/washingtondc/

When is the Best Time to see Washington's Cherry Blossom?

Be sure to keep an eye on the National Park Service’s weather reports, as well as any local D.C. forecasts, so you can be sure to pick the most beautiful days to see the cherry blossoms. Spring Blossoms to Life in Washington, D.C. Currently, Washington’s weather is staying around the low 60s, which is a good sign for a beautiful Spring! On GotoBus.com, you will be able to find many bus ticket plus hotel travel packages that will ensure that you get the best vacation possible at the most reasonable prices. Have an amazing time watching spring arrive!